Original DVD Contest Page

This is the page that originally appeared on The Indy Experience.com when we ran the Indiana Jones DVD Contest back in 2003. Everything on this page is laid out as it was when we originally hosted the contest.

Original DVD Contest Page

The Indy Experience.com is proud to present our first exclusive Indiana Jones DVD Contest, sponsored by CD-WOW! This is your opportunity to be Indiana Jones, as you hunt down clues to obtain a chance to win the Indiana Jones DVD collection! It's the chance of a lifetime, so listen up, here is what you must do: While excavating deep beneath The Indy Experience.com, we uncovered an ancient scrap of paper belonging to the late French archaeologist, René Belloq. This clue should help you find a valuable lost artifact buried deep beneath TIE.c. We want YOU to go on the search and follow the clues to find the Indiana Jones DVDs before it's too late! But be ware, there's no telling what kind of booby-traps Belloq has left behind, so BE CAREFUL! Here's the first clue to start you off on your journey:

Contest Message

How to Play

It's very simple really, we have planted 5 clues throughout TIE.c starting with the one you see above. You must use these clues to find the secret pages which contain valuable artifacts and clues which will lead you to the next piece of the puzzle. All of the clues will lead you to the Indy DVD's final resting place. The idea is that each clue tells you what page to go, and on a certain page there is a hidden link somewhere and when you click, it leads you to the next page with the artifact and the next clue. But you must be diligent with your mouse - if you click on the wrong link, it may lead you to a trap, so be careful!

The Prize

The prize for one lucky Indiana Jones fan is their choice of a Region 1 or Region 2 copy of the Complete Adventures of Indiana Jones on DVD! This is quite possibly one of the most anticipated DVD releases of all time, and here is your chance to a copy all your own for free! Our Indiana Jones DVD contest has been proudly sponsored by CD-WOW and brought to you by The Indy Experience.com.