Templeof Doom Alternate Versions

  1. There are various cuts of the film depending on how much is censored from the sacrifice scene, and the scene in which the Giant Thuggee is killed in the rock crusher.
  2. When Indy punches out one of the Thuggee guards, the camera then cuts back to a child smiling at him. Normally it is a boy, but in some versions it is a girl.
  3. The UK versions of the film have a lot of the more intense and more violent scenes edited out in order to recieve a PG rating. These edits include cuts to Mola Ram's hand in the chest scene, and of the victim in flames shortly after that. The BBFC refused to restore these scenes for a later boxed set release because Spielberg had not given his personal permission. It thus remains as a cut PG in all releases.
  4. Originally, 1 minute and 6 seconds were cut from the film to avoid an '15' (or even an '18') certificate in the UK.