Temple of Doom Bloopers

  • At the beginning of Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom, during the car chase, watch out for the couple in the rickshaw that Short Round rams into. The sailor and his girlfriend switch places several times throughout the sequence.
  • If you look closely as Indy, Willie, and Shorty are riding the rapids in the life raft after escaping the plane in the beginning of Temple of Doom, you can clearly see "Emergency Raft" written on the raft in English, but this is in error since the raft was supposed to come from a Chinese plane.
  • After Indy takes Willie out of the cage in the temple, Willie slaps him, but Indy's head turns the wrong way.
  • Shorty burns the left side of Indy's stomach with a torch to awake him from the black sleep of Kali, but a few seconds later the burn is on the right side.
  • As Indy is trying to stop the mine cart with his foot, you can see that Willie and Shorty change positions from scene to scene.
  • As Shorty is jumping up and down on the bridge to show Willie that it is strong enough to hold them, Shorty is about ten feet away from her, then when he falls through the camera cuts to wider shot showing Shorty hanging onto the bridge, but in this shot he is much farther out onto the bridge than before.
  • When the Shankara Stones cause Indy's satchel to catch fire, two of the stones fall out, but Mola Ram catches one. During this struggle, the strap on Indy's satchel has been torn, but in the next shot you can see that his satchel is now around his shoulder again.