Temple of Doom Deleted Scenes

Short Round Learns of Wu Han's Demise

In the Temple of Doom novel, before Indy enters Club Obi-Wan, Short Round makes the arrangements for the trek to Siam, by purchasing three tickets - for Indiana Jones, Wu Han and himself. “I hardly think I could make room for someone of your stature" the officious Briton began. Short Round then handed him most of Indiana's money and then said: "Not for me. For Dr. Jones, the famous professor. This very important government case. I his assistant” When Indy and Willie land in the car, Indy asks if Short Round called the airport, and then replied: “Sure, Indy. Mr. Weber get seats for you, me and Wu Han.” Indy then replies with a sad tone, “Wu Han's not coming, Shorty” since Wu Han had been shot in the nightclub. This was in the original novel and was in the script, but if it is unknown whether or not it was filmed.