Indy DVD Fan Reviews

In this section you will find a collection of reviews by fans of the Indiana Jones DVD collection. Here, you can read the current reviews that we have received, or you can submit your own review if you wish. If you wish to submit your own review of the Indiana Jones DVDs, visit the Fan Review Form and write your own review.

  • Review by Ryan Anderson - "For years Fans have awaited the release of the Indiana Jones DVDS....and we always knew we'd beat out those star wars fans. But Now the time has come and we'll be telling everyone on our block that we had the set first..."
  • Review by Ryan of - "Indiana Jones: the 'holy grail' of box sets. The Indiana Jones DVD box set is now the best selling DVD box set of all time. The movies sold more than 50 million dollars the first weekend out. What makes these DVDs so special?"
  • Review by Matt Shaw - "The Holy Grail of DVD's arrives...and all I can say is about time!!!! Now after all the rumours earlier in the year that Lucas and Spielberg wanted to release these one by one, I'm sooooo glad that Paramount stuck to their guns..."
  • Review by Last Crusader - "The Indiana Jones DVD box set is very impressive. The restoration of the films are fantastic. The excellent picture quality and newly done Dolby 5.1 surround sound make it worth every penny on its own..."
  • Review by Darth Doobie - " Although it would have been nice to have a deleted scenes section on the bonus disk (also outtakes). I hope that when Indy IV is released that it will have the same packaging as the current set has..."
  • Review by Ernie R. McHone II - "As a long time Indiana Jones fan all I can say is, this 4 disc boxed set is well worth the wait. The picture quality is stunning, as well as the Dolby Digital 5.1 sound mix. Lowry Digital Images, has really done the job here, and has given us a picture quality that even rivals today's films..."
  • Review by Ihatesnakes - " On the audio side of things, each movie comes with a new Dolby Digital 5.1 surround mix. And again, each movie sounds better than I've ever heard it. Close your eyes, and you could almost be in the Peruvian jungle..."
  • Review by Indiana Gater - "I must say that this material is a MUST HAVE for any Indiana Jones fan, or any DVD aficionado. I currently have a VHS copy of the Bonus Material disk, and have enjoyed it immensely. It is my humble opinion that no one will be disappointed by these disks..."