Indiana Jones DVD: Last Crusade

"I told you... don't call me Junior!"

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

The year is 1938. Twenty-six years ago, young Indiana Jones was thwarted in an attempt to retrieve the legendary Cross of Coronado from the hands of robbers. But an older, wiser and stronger Indy has finally returned the jewel encrusted Cross of Coronado to his boss, Marcus Brody. Almost as soon as he arrives back at his quite, New England College, though, Indy is whisked away by representatives of multi-millionaire Walter Donovan, who has unearthed a mysterious stone. Indy recognizes it is the first of two long-buried markers that reveal the location of the Holy Grail itself. But the man who found the stone tablet has gone missing: Dr. Henry Jones, Indy's long-estranged father and the world's foremost Grail expert. Journeying to Venice, Indy meets Dr. Elsa Schneider, Donovan's colleague, who helps him track down his father.

But they are being followed by the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword, whose members have vowed to prot3ect the Grail at any cost - even Indy and Elsa's lives. One of these warrior reveals that Indy's farther is being held in the imposing Brunwald Castle in Austria. What Indy doesn't know is that the castle is actually a Nazi stronghold - and that Elsa is a Nazi double-agent whose also working for the duplicitous American Donovan.

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Dr. Jones Sr. and Dr. Jones Jr. find themselves chased through the streets of Berlin, through the skies above German and through the deserts of Turkey. Along with Brody and old friend Sallah, they finally locate the Grail's resting place - but the Nazis have beaten them there. Determined to force Indy to retrieve the Grail, Donovan shoots Indy's father, who collapses to the floor. Hesitantly, Indy enters the temple...

Do the deadly traps that protect the Grail mean the death of Indiana Jones? Will he find the Grail in time to save his dying father? And just what is Indy's real first name anyway? The answers to those questions and more are waiting in...

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!