Indiana Jones DVD: Temple of Doom

"Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory."

Temple of Doom DVD

The year is 1935. Following a crazed brawl inside Shanghai's Club Obi-Wan, adventurous archaeologist Indiana Jones finds himself saddled with an unwilling companion, bombshell American singer Willie Scott. Now they'are on the run from a nefarious Shanghai mob boss with Indy's sidekick, 11-year-old Short Round. They narrowly escape by boarding a waiting plane - which is owned by Lao Che, the mob boss himself! In the air, the pilot empties the fuel tanks and bails out. Indy, Willie and Short Round use a life raft to escape and land in a remote Indian river.

A native shaman explains that the village has been under a curse ever since its sacred Shankara stone was stolen by the Maharajah of Pankot. He begs Indy to help the suffering village and its lost children - who have disappeared into the night.

As they make their way down the deadly path, the trio find themselves deep within the fiery, subterranean Temple of Doom, lorded over by the evil Mola Ram, High Priest of a secret and horrifying cult called the Thuggees. His vicious followers, experts at human sacrifice, protect three blowing stones - Shankara stones, which, according to legend, can bestow preternatural powers on their possessors.

Captured by Thuggee guards, Indy, Short Round and Willie come to realize that the residents of Pankot Palace and the Thuggee are linked in a terrifying way that spells almost certain death for the village and its children...

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Will Indy escape the vile clutches of the Thuggee? Can he steal back the Shankara stone and defeat Mola Ram? Will Willie ever stop screaming? The answers to those questions and more are waiting in...

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!