Raiders: The Adaptation Review by Bret Mosley

By Bret Mosley

Raiders of the Lost Ark caused a burst of enthusiasm in people around the world when it was first released and Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation is one of the greatest of the bursts. I went to a screening of it in San Francisco and met its film-makers Chris Strompolos, Eric Zala, and Jayson Lamb. This movie is now a favorite of mine because it truly captures the spirit of Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark. On the surface the movie is a re-creation of the original film, but at its core its really about the spirit of Raiders of the Lost Ark as embodied by kids. The genius is not just that they re-created the original in detail, but that they made their living the whole experience infectiously involving. It is provoking and hilarious to watch. The fact that these are real kids making a real movie in their basement is real funny and my sides are splitting just thinking about it. For Indiana Jones fans, it's an amazing movie to see. I applaud Eric, Chris , and Jayson for tackling such a difficult seven year(!) project as kids. Similarly to Indiana Jones, only with their passion (for their film making vision) and support from friends, family and each other were they able to overcome the many obstacles of making a video feature film. They got through it all and created something authentic and filled with energy. The kids spring to life, inhabiting their characters with a glint of recognition to the originals, even taking on mannerisms and tics. Charismatic Chris Strompolos became Indiana Jones and resonates as our adventuring hero. In a dual role, Eric Zala used distinctive Direction and is no less menacing as his nemesis Belloq. As Technical Artisan, Jayson Lamb paid minute attention to details of the original – His spectacular camera-work and special effects appear sure-footed. The original soundtrack was also perfectly used to closely mirror the mood of key scenes from Raiders and the dialogue seems absolutely spot on - which enhanced The Adaptation's atmosphere to an all-enveloping degree. If you're stirred by Indy Jones movies then you're part of a big club. Chris Strompolos, Eric Zala, and Jayson Lamb are three of the original members and it was a superbly enthralling experience for me to meet the "Raiders Guys". It was equally exciting to my meeting several of the key people who made Raiders of the Lost Ark! Their film took me back to the dizzying Raiders of the Lost Ark phenomenon. You owe it to yourself to see it. I for one put this on top of my must films because it will also be a classic.

Highly recommended,

Bret Mosley