Raiders The Adaptation Fan Review by Smaller Demon

By Smaller Demon, a.k.a. J. Wesson

The Adaptation was shown at this year's SF IndieFest. And it's just as amazing as rumors have made it out to be. Mainly because (1) the entire fight scene on the truck is there and (2) the entire bar on fire scene is there. Sadly missing (and the filmmakers acknowledged it) is the airplane fight scene. In every way this thing is beautiful, hilarious and touching. They always got more right than wrong throughout the whole thing, and that the whole thing simply exist is just astounding.

Kudos to these three for doing what we really all wanted to do when we saw Raiders, which was to be the people who had made it.

Thanks to Eli Roth for making it widely know (and for making Phantom of the Opera tolerable during BNAT6, by the way) and to Spielberg for appreciating it instead of burying it. Let's just hope Lucas can keep his property right claws away from it. :)