Greg's Review: Infernal Machine

By Greg Kulevich

Pure Action. Pure Adventure. Pure Indy! Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine offers a boat load of action and adventure for any Indy fan! Amazing 3-D graphics and a well done (and well researched) storyline makes this game hours of fun to play. Out of all the Indiana Jones games that I have played this one is my favorite for many reasons. The story and continuity of the game fits perfectly within the Indy Jones chronology. The music and graphics just sent shivers up my back. This game captures the true essence of Indy. And overall playing this game was the most fun.

Graphics: 5 out of 5

Infernal Machine will take you to many exotic locals, all of which are beautifully rendered in 3-D computer images. The environments that you travel to are extremely well done, and each level is like a world on its own. Of course the graphics are not perfect, and many people will argue with me, saying that the graphic are poor. They need to huddle up. This is nice!

Sound: 5 out of 5

The score for this game included some familiar pieces such as the Raiders March. But the real reason why the sound shines is the original music created exclusively for the Infernal Machine. The sound effects were also well done for this game. Sometimes even helpful for you as a player. After Indy completes a puzzle, there will usually be a musical tune that indicates that you have successfully finished that puzzle. This is especially helpful when you are unsure if the puzzle is complete and it is safe to move forward in the game.

Controls: 4 out of 5

Being that I played this game on the PC, the controls were not too great. Using the keyboard made it difficult to perform some of Indy’s moves in this game. For example, the somersault roll while in combat. I almost always got shot. Some of the jumps were difficult with the keyboard as well. Overall it was good.

Fun: 5 out of 5

That is all that counts right? This game is fun! How often do you get to ride a jeep, a mine cart, and a raft, and escape from jail in an Indy game?

Synopsis (WARNING: Contains Spoilers):

The year is 1947. World War II is over. Indy resumes his teaching position at Barnet College. Exhausted by conflicts, Indy goes to the American Southwest that summer to try to revive his digging career. Fortunately for Jones, the world is still a dangerous place. Indy finds this out soon as the sees a suspicious helicopter flying over his excavation site. He follows the chopper to where it landed, and finds out that the driver in none other than Sophia Hapgood! (Whom we meet in Fate of Atlantis). Sophia informs Indy that she now works for the newly formed CIA. She tells him that the CIA has been observing a peculiar Soviet excavation taking place at Babylon. The have been watching a Soviet physicist by the name of Gennadi Volodnikov, who has developed a strange interest in the legendary Tower of Babel. None of the agents have been able to make any sense of the operation and Sophia wants Indy to help. Indy agrees to help his old friend, because he can’t get enough adventure!

He travels to the Babylon ruins in Iraq and finds the Soviet excavation. Indy eavesdrops on a conversation between Volodnikov and a Russian radio operator, and he learns that the Soviets are after a strange devise called the Infernal Machine. Volodnikov believes the “Infernal Machine,” was the way the Babylonians communicated with their winged god Marduk. This machine was housed in the Tower of Babel. Once the tower was destroyed, Marduk’s four devout disciples, Urgon, Taklit, Azerim, and Nub, took four parts of the machine with them to the four corners of the world, so the machine may not be used again. After learning this, Indy sneaks deeper into the excavation to see what he can find out until he is caught by a Russian guard. His life is saved by a man who introduces himself as Simon Turner of the CIA, and Sophia’s boss. Indy goes deeper in the ruins and finds the library of Nebuchadnezzar. Here he learns more about each part of the Infernal Machine. He also learns that the first part (Urgon’s part) is located within the Tian Shan mountain range in Soviet Kazakhstan.

Indy parachutes across the border into Kazakhstan, near the Tian Shan River. He dodges a few border guards and manages to find a rubber raft. On this river Indy finds four shrines and four mysterious beeswax candles. Further down the river, as luck would have it, he finds a sanctuary named Shambala. Outside is a tree stump with four candle holders that fit the candles that Indy has collected. After lighting the candles (and offering a small prayer) the gates mysteriously open. Shambala is cold and empty. Soon Indy finds the skeletons of the monks who lived here. He also finds out why they died! Strange ice monsters live here. He finds the clock tower and the bell tower. The inscription on the bell says “Ring for the master.” So Indy sets the clock so the bell rings on time. Suddenly a mysterious old woman appears, but she says that she is too old to do anything. She sends Indy to find the “Golden treasure of Shambala.” Indy locates the treasury with no problem, but all he finds is a plant bulb. He takes it anyway and returns to the old woman. Miraculously the plant sprouts! He gives the plat to the woman and the plant blooms! The old woman is young again! She is now strong enough to open a special door for Indy, where Urgon kept his part. With a warning, “Beware the ice!” she sends him though the door. Indy slides down an icy hallway to a secluded room in the monastery. Here he finds a gigantic ice monster! He runs past him into Urgon’s study, where he finds the part. He also learns that when the part is activated it can break ice and weakened stone. With the part he defeats the ice monster! A thankful old woman tells him that another part is located on the island of Palawan, in the Philippines.

Indy lands on the paradise island of Palawan and immediately finds some evidence of ancient culture. He locates a temple/volcano and enters it. Here he finds Sophia and discovers that the Soviets were here first! The race is on to find the part. Indy discovers a secret door, using Urgon’s part. It seems like Indy is ahead of the Soviets for now, until he enters a wide open clearing in the island. He solves a few puzzles to get further into the volcano, where he finds a monstrous lava guardian! He finds Taklit’s part on a lava shrine, and finds out that the part turns its user invisible! Indy turns himself invisible and sneaks past the lava guardian. Outside he finds a switch that allows water into the lava chamber. This kills the guardian. He exits the temple to just find himself in the middle of a Soviet army camp. He steals a jeep and high tales it out of the area. Sophia comes to the rescue in her helicopter. She tells Indy, that the Soviets are pulling out of Palawan and are going by boat to Mexico. The Temple of the Sun in Teotihuacán.

Indy arrives at Teotihuacán, before the Soviets. He enters the Pyramid of the Sun and negotiates its passageways and corridors until he reaches the center of the pyramid. By this time, the Soviets arrive and Volodnikov hired a number of soldiers to hunt down Indians Jones and take the parts. Indy figures out how to work a mechanism in the central room. Just as he does, sunlight comes beaming into the pyramid. This activates another mechanism that allows Indy to pass into a hidden valley, under the pyramid. It is here that he finds the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl. He goes into the pyramid but is kind of uneasy, because of the numerous pictures of skulls and snakes on the walls. Indy comes to a center room with two giant doors. He opens one door and to his surprise a giant snake emerges!!! Indy quickly runs to the other door and opens it. There he finds Azerim’s part and learns that the part can lift you off the ground for a period of time. He uses the part to kill the snake and get out of the pyramid. As soon as Indy steps out of the pyramid he is caught in a trap. Snap! The snare caught Indy and Volodnikov captures him and takes the parts.

Indy finds himself prisoner on the V.I. Podovkin. Indy slyly escapes from his jail cell and wonders stealthily around the ship. He finds his gear and the machine parts. He also finds out where the ship is heading: Meroe, Sudan! To the tombs of the Nubian Kings. Indy escapes on a life boat and heads for Meroe. Here he finds a pyramid complex linked by underground tunnels. On of these tunnels leads to the tomb of Nub, where the fourth part lies. Indy gets the fourth part and tries to escape when he is cornered by Volodnikov and his men. Turner and Sophia show up, but they are too late! Indy un-willingly gives all four parts to the Soviets.

Back at Babylon, Indy has to recover the parts! The Soviets put the parts in the machine, but in the wrong places! It is up to Indy to rearrange the parts in the correct spots. Simon Turner is there to make sure Indy does what is ordered of him. Once Indy gets the machine working, Turner goes power crazy, talking about how the U.S. will rule the world! The machine is activated and a portal to another dimension is formed. Turner pushes Sophia in the portal and takes Taklit’s part (makes you invisible) Indy chases Turner and finds him. After a gunfight, Indy kills Turner and jumps into the portal to save Sophia! Now in the other dimension called Atherium, Indy is welcomed by the “god” Marduk. Marduk takes over Sophia’s body and Indy commences on attacking Marduk to destroy him. Once Marduk is destroyed, and Sophia is free the world of Atherium collapses and Indy and Sophia find themselves in a crumbling Babylonian ruin. Guess who comes to save them? Gennadi Volodnikov! He pulls them from the ruble and the three enjoy a nice long walk home.