Instruments of Chaos Greg's Review

By Greg Kulevich

Indiana Jones has another adventure in the secret service in the game Instruments of Chaos. This game takes place in World War I with Indy serving as a spy. His mission is to stop a rival German spy from obtaining secret weapons technologies. It is spy versus spy as Indy travels all the way around the world tracking this crook as he tries to steal weapon plans from different countries for use in a giant blimp. Kinda reminds me of James Bond meets Carmen San Diego.

The first thing that I noticed about this game was the level of difficulty. This game is very hard and it is because of the amount of enemies that appear on each level. Young Indy meets a mob of enemies on every screen which can be overwhelming at times. The best tip that I can give on this game is this: RUN! You do not have to kill every enemy, and if you attempt to do so, then you will surely die and never make any progress. Run as fast as you can through the level. Do this by taping the arrow key twice. Running and jumping over enemies rather than stopping to fight will keep you alive. Of course there are a few enemies that you need to kill. Some are bosses and some enemies you just can’t run past. Save your bullets for these kinds of enemies. Yes, this game is pretty difficult, but just e-mail me if you have a question. The first thing that I would suggest doing is go to the options menu and set your lives to 9 and the difficulty to easy.

Another thing I noticed about this game is the whip. Out of all the Indiana Jones games that I played, this game has the best whip control. As strange as this might be it is true! The whip was probably the best part of this game! Using the whip was fun and effective. You could control where the whip went and the force behind it with a smooth fluid motion. It is nice.

Graphics: 4 out of 5

I felt that the graphics were excellent. No further comments.

Sound: 4 out of 5

The music is not Indy like, but it is good nonetheless. Expect every level to be filled will jazzy tunes.

Controls: 4 out of 5

Basic controls. Gun, whip, Gun+whip=grenade. As well as run, jump and duck.

Fun: 4 out of 5

I really did have fun playing this game. Chasing spies, riding elephants, exploring pyramids, climbing mountains and towers, and blowing up blimps. I don’t know. To me that is fun.


Indy is a spy during World War I. He is contacted by Intelligence Headquarters with a new assignment. His new mission is to track down a German spy, who is going around the world collecting secret weapon technologies from corrupt scientists. Indy chases the spy through Bombay, Tibet, London, Egypt, and finally catches up to him in a final showdown in Germany. Germany has built a new weapon: a dirigible armed with all of the weapon technologies that the spy has stolen. It is now Indy’s responsibility to destroy this blimp, before Germany could unleash it on the world.