Greg's Review on Last Crusade: Graphic Adventure

By Greg Kulevich

This game is a vintage LucasArts classic that should be in every fan’s library. It is in the "point and click" style which is popular among adventure gamers. Along with the "point and click" style of gaming comes many puzzles. Expect to collect many items to use for solving the game's many puzzles. The good thing about it is, as with many if not all of LucasArts "point and click" games, the puzzles are very original and creative.

The game pretty much follows the story of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade from the motion picture. If you know the story, you will be able to follow the game easily, but I am afraid that watching the movie will not help you with the puzzles that you must solve during the game. Like I said before, the puzzles are very original, but most of them are not too difficult, so don’t worry, too much. What I like is that for some of the puzzles, you have to consult an in game version of the Grail Diary. This gives you clues, many times in riddle form, in order for you to solve the puzzle.

Last Crusade gives you a chance to show off your fists as well as your brain. There are a number of fights in this game. There is only one, hidden, medical kit, so if I were you I would fight sparingly. Also, using the number pad to fight can take a while to get used to. What is cool about this game is many of the fights you can talk your way out of. In the Castle Brunwald you can talk you way out of every fight! I find this very creative and interesting. The problem is that you have to say the right things and be in the right uniform (Nazi, Indy, or servant). Believe me, it gets complicated. It will take trial and error to get it right (or a walkthrough).

Graphics: 3 out of 5

Fairly good for the year the game was created.

Sound: 5 out of 5

Many of John William's classic scores from the motion picture Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade can be found in this game. I found them pleasing to listen to while I played the game. And it made some parts of the game more fun such as, the zeppelin. Here you have to pay a piano player to play a song to distract the radio operator. But the piano player only knows one song, John William's "No Ticket".

Controls: 5 out of 5

I have to give Last Crusade a 5 for controls because it is so simple. The "point and click" style is very simple to use and fits well with the game. For those unfamiliar with the "point and click" style, basically you just move your mouse over an object on the screen and choose an action to be preformed on that object. Such as "walk to" [truck], "pick up" [stick] or "give" [money] to [beggar].

Fun: 4 out of 5

I have played this game many times over and over again. It is very fun, especially because there are many ways to win the game. There are usually a variety of ways to solve each puzzle as some puzzles do not need to be solved in order to win the game. This all affects your final IQ score. Also there are two [what I call] mini-games within Last Crusade. "Boxing practice" at Barnett College and a "Biplane shooter" in Berlin.