Raiders analysis

Raiders of the Lost Ark: An Analysis - Canyon takes an careful look at the film that started it all with an analytical look at Raiders of the Lost Ark, the film that introduced the world to the character of Indiana Jones...

Indy Relationships with Women

Indy's Relationships with Women - Canyon has written a three part article on the relationships and romance throughout the life of Indiana Jones. Canyon looks at the relationships Indy had during the films, the novels and even the video games.

Why Indy 4 should be made

Why Indy IV Should Be Made - Canyon plays a significant role in the Indiana Jones community and talks with a lot of people. Over the years, she's heard a lot of negative feed back about Indiana Jones IV about the script delays, story problems and Harrison Ford being too old. But now she's out to prove them wrong and set the record straight...

Raiders on the Big Screen

An Indy Fan's Quest: Raiders on the Big Screen - It was the opritunity of a life time, the ultimate adventure, the chance to see the greatest piece of cinematic art in the history of man-kind on the Big Screen: Raiders of the Lost Ark! Let the adventure begin...

The Popularity of Indiana Jones

The Popularity of Indiana Jones - In this article, Canyon explores the many aspects of what makes Indiana Jones so popular. "I wanted to write an article about everyone’s favorite archaeological adventurer, but I had the problem in as much as what I was going to write about. Then I hit upon the idea of popularity..."