TIE.c Contests

With our dedication to Indiana Jones fans to make The Indy Experience.com as interactive as possible, we conducted various contests over the years where fans can play and win a variety of Indiana Jones collectables. We have several new contests in the works for 2006, so check back often to see what's new and be sure to enter in the next TIE.c Contest!

Archived Contests

Action Figure Contest

Action Figure Contest - After unearthing an ancient manuscript, TIE.c was in need of someone to translate the ancient text and solve the riddle. As a prize, we offered pay handsomely with a complete collection of Indiana Jones Action Figures to the one who could solve the mystery!

DVD Contest

DVD Contest - In TIE.c's Exclusive Indiana Jones DVD contest, sponsored by CD WOW! we sent fans on the treasure hunt of their lives for a chance to win the Indiana Jones DVD Trilogy!

Comic Contest

Comic Contest - In 2003, TIE.c hosted a special Indiana Jones Comic contest, where we gave fans a chance to win a rare copy of Issue #4 of the Marvel Indiana Jones Comics!