Original Action Figure Contest Page

This is the page that originally appeared on The Indy Experience.com when we ran the Indiana Jones Action Figure Contest back in 2003. Everything on this page is laid out as it was when we originally hosted the contest.

Figure Contest

We have unearthed an ancient manuscript in a Himalayan monastery and we need someone with the skills and the heart to solve the mystery and break the code! We are commissioning you to track down the translation table and solve the mystery. Just follow the clues, and soon enough, fortune and glory will be yours! We are prepared to pay handsomely to whoever can translate the message. If you succeed, you reward will be a Complete Collection of Disney Indiana Jones Action Figures, donated by Harry Moore of Harry Moore Design! To add to the rarity, they have been signed by the artist who designed the box art for the action figures; Mr. Harry Moore himself! So, don't waist another minute, the contest ends December 7th, so get to work and solve the riddle; and these figures could be yours!

The Manuscript

This manuscript was unearth a few weeks ago deep in the archives of TIE.c and has become a mystery to all of us. We cannot determine what language it is, much less where it came from. Though there are clues that tell of a translation table hidden somewhere in The Indy Experience.com. You'll have to search hard for it, so grab your fedora - it's time for another adventure! You'll find your first clue here, which will lead you to where the translator is. Let the adventure begin!

The First Clue

The first step in your journey is to translate the ancient text above. We have but one clue to lead you on your quest: a single scrap of paper we found near where the manuscript was buried. It should lead you to the next step in your quest.

The Prize

If you succeed in your quest, you will have a chance to win a complete collection of Indiana Jones action figures from Disney! One lucky fan who completes the task at hand will be rewarded with the Indiana Jones Disney action figures - the complete second wave of toys released at Disney theme parks around the world. To add to their value, the figure boxes have been signed by Harry Moore of Harry Moore Design, the man who designed the box artwork, and who has sponsored our contest. Feast your eyes upon the what may lie at the end of your quest.

  • Indiana Jones - Includes: Machete, Satchel, Sandbag & Idol with Stand.
  • Marion Ravenwood - Includes: Monkey and Frying Pan
  • German Soldier - Includes: Rifle and Ark Crate
  • German Mechanic - Includes: Wrench and Gas Drum
  • Cairo Swordsman - Includes: Two Swords

How To Play

The object of the game is simple: all you must do is follow the first clue to the location of the translation table and translate the manuscript above. The translation table is located on a page somewhere within TIE.c. Once you find the hidden link on that page it will take you to the secret page where the translator is hidden. Simply use the translator to decode the manuscript and place the translated text in an email and send it to: actionfigurecontest@theindyexperience.com along with your Name & Email Address, and you will be instantly entered for a chance to win the Indiana Jones action figures!

Complete List of Rules

To be eligible to win the Indiana Jones Action Figures, you must correctly translate the above manuscript and email it to actionfigurecontest@theindyexperience.com along with the required information of your Name & Email Address. You have until December 7th to send in your entries. Once all entries are received, they will be randomly selected and there will be one lucky winner to receive the entire collection of autographed action figures. No staff members of The Indy Experience.com are eligible for this contest. The action figures will be shipped via USPS to the winner. The Indy Experience.com is not responsible for any damage to the action figures or the box that may occur during shipping. The Indy Experience.com is not responsible for any misprinting, or misunderstandings in the event of this contest, void where prohibited.