Raiders of the Lost Ark Alternate Versions

  • Though most versions include it, in a Swedish home video version of Raiders, the scene where Indy fights the Nazi mechanic (played by Pat Roach) is cut.
  • In the German TV-version Dietrich and Gobler's death scenes are cut and the montage of Nazis being hit by lightning bolts from the Ark are shorter.
  • Some US TV edits of Raiders remove the German swear words spoken by Nazis.
  • The DVD version of Raiders features a great deal of clean up of the film. These improvements matte line removal a lot of the grain is cleaned up, but most notably is the removal of the reflection in the glass separating Indy from the cobra in the Well of the Souls scene.
  • In the original 1981 theatrical version of Raiders, there are a few additional seconds during the Raven Bar fight where the Giant Sherpa (played by Pat Roach) shoves Indy against several walls while one of the Nazi henchman laughs. This footage was deleted in all re-release prints and video releases.
  • In the theatrical version of Raiders of the Lost Ark with Indiana Jones, an additional scene takes place immediately after the credits roll. The camera cuts back to Ark of the Covenant in the wooden crate inside the government warehouse where we last left it. In this scene, the Army intelligence stencil on the crate is slowly burned away by the power of the Ark. This scene was cut from the DVD release of the film.