Great Indiana Jones Movie Quotes

Critical Acclaim for "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark"

Newsweek, David Ansen - June 15, 1981

"It's the movie Hollywood was born to make, and was born making. It's a movie .... that reinvents the Saturday-matinee serials of the 1930s and 1940s with an edge-of-the-seat style that will hypnotize ids and reawaken adults in their primal memories of what moviegoing was once all about."

"It's a boy's adventure made by the genre's two greatest fans, fans who happen to have a touch of genius."

"It's pure Saturday-matinee balderdash, and Spielberg , Lucas and screenwriter Larence Kasadan offer it u with no condescension or apologies and with a twinkle in their eyes. It's a hip classicist movie: traditional action filmmaking knowingly informed by all the movies that have preceded it."

"Hollywood was built on just this kind of awe-inspiring adventures that Indy undergoes."

Rolling Stone, Michael Sragow - June 25, 1981

"The ultimate Saturday action matinee - a film so funny and exciting it can be enjoyed any day of the week. Every bit of it is 'god parts.'"

"Remember when movies used to promise a thrill a minute? Well, 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' nearly doubles the ratio. It makes you feel like you're beating the speed limit just sitting there."

Los Angeles Times, Sheila Benson - June 7, 1981

"Hurrah and hallelujah! It's hats-in-the-air, heart-in-the-mouth time at the movies again."

"If this is an era in which the heroic lacking and the mediocre threatens us from every side, then 'Raiders,' which has no pretensions to importance, which is unabashedly wide-eyed and exaggerated and true blue somehow cherishes the best in life and in filmmaking - is a high-water mark."

The Chicago Sun-Times, Roger Ebert - June 12, 1981

"A movie of glorious imagination and breakneck speed that grabs you in the first shot, hurtles you through a series of incredible adventures, and deposits you outside the theater two hours later - breathless, dizzy, wrung-out, and with a silly grin on your face."

"It's the kind of movie where the hero gets out of bed wondering what daring exploits and astonishing, cliff-hanging, death-defying threats he will have to survive in the next 10 seconds. ... It's actually more than a movie; it's a catalog of adventure."

Critical Acclaim for "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"

Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale), Candice Russell - May 23, 1984

"The last word in adventure films."

"'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' is an eye-filling dazzler in a class of itself. If you love movies, don't miss it."

The New York Times, Glenn Collins - May 20, 1984

"A movie so loaded with pulp-fiction plot twists and breakneck B-movie action that it could be thought of as one long, drawn-out stunt."

Empire Magazine, Ian Nathan - 2000

"'Doom' is dark, it is violent, and all the better for it. It is Spielberg at his most devilishly exciting."

Critical Acclaim for "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"

Time, Richard Corliss - May 29, 1989

"'Indy 3' is the same, different and better. It infuses vitality into the action-adventure, a movie staple who's ravenous popularity and endless, predicable permutations have nearly exhausted it."

Rolling Stone, Peter Travers - June 15, 1989

"It's Spielberg's wide-eyed enthusiasm that turns 'The Last Crusade' into the wildest and wittiest Indy of them all. His message is to stop searching for messages and just join in the fun. In the process of restoring of Indy to his father, the Holy Grail to sacred ground and all villains to perdition, Spielberg has also restored something that's been missing from movie escapism for too long: its good name."

People, Ralph Novak - June 5, 1989

"Take a good look at this movie. In fact, go back four or five times and take four or five good looks. In this imperfect work, you're not likely to see many manmade objects come this close to perfection."

"This is not the movie you want to miss the first five minutes of. Come to think of it, this is not a movie you would want to miss any minutes of."

The New York Times, Caryn James - May 24, 1989

"The ultimate quest movie ... the 'Indiana' to end them all."

Daily Telegraph (London), - July 11, 1989

"What makes the Indiana Jones films more than simply sensational is that they add up to a trilogy. The wit, the action and the pounding pace that account for their prodigious box-office success are underpinned by a surprisingly consistent and forceful morality."