Radio Interviews

NPR's Morning Edition Interview with Steve Inskeep

Originally aired in July of 2004. Steve Inskeep interviewed the Raiders Guys on how the whole idea started, how they got caught up in it all, how they overcame numerous travails to complete their seven-year odyssey, and what the future holds. Includes snatches of audio clips from the Indiana Jones Adaptation and the original intersperse narration and interview bytes. For more information, visit

PRI Studio 360 Interview

Originally aired in September of 2003. The Raiders Guys discuss how their friendship and project were born, what was going through their minds during the mayhem of shooting, and how the Adaptation was "discovered". A medley of dialogue, music and sound effects snippets from the Adaptation and the original runs alongside the interview by Michael May. For more information, visit

BBC Radio 4 Interview - Matthew Sweet's Back Row

Originally aired in July of 2004. Includes a brief history of the Adaptation, and its context within the fan film world is recapped. Chris Strompolos, while in attendance at a fan film festival, is interviewed by Matthew Sweet about the dangers they undertook, what they did for locations and props in Mississippi, and how a dog replaced the monkey. Audio clips from the original set the background. For more information, visit