The Indiana Jones Chronicles

1899 - 1917: Discover Indy's life from the beginning starting with his birth through his years in the Belgium army. Relive Indy's war stories and learn about the birth of Indy's love for adventure and some family history as well. Then move onto Indy's fun loving years in college and the adventures that followed.

1918 - 1950: These were the high adventure years for Indiana Jones, beginning with Indy's many travels around the world to the adventures of the original Indiana Jones Trilogy. Discover what Indy did between the movies, as well as after leading up to the 1950's.

1951 - Present: No retirement for this swashbuckling adventurer. Find out what Indiana Jones did after his college professor years from starting his own family to the many adventures that followed from the 1950's to the present day!

Allen Lane has invested years in this timeline of the life of Indiana Jones - hours and hours of hard work and research. TIE.c is pleased to bring you the Complete Indiana Jones Chronicles - a full timeline chronicling the life of our favorite adventurer! TIE.c game reviewer, Greg Kulevich has also taken part in this epic work by researching adding additional information to make this timeline the most complete record of Indy's life on the web.

This chronology is based on a number of sources, the major ones being the motion pictures, TV shows, books, comic books, etc. themselves. Tthe chronology originally appearing in the book, The World of Indiana Jones, and the detailed synopses appearing in Epilog magazine. An argument can be made as to what is part of the "official" Indiana Jones cannon. The numerous Indiana Jones adventures related in the different media sources sometimes contradict each other (in some cases concerning dates; in others concerning two instances where Indy encounters the same enigma for which two different explanations are given to explain the mystery). Please refer to the chronicles legend to learn more about the sources used in the Indy timeline, and for reference when reading the timeline.