The Indy Chronicles: 1918 - 1950



After an Austrian POW camp is attacked, Indy is sent to Romania to find the separatist general believed to be responsible. His group discovers a castle and locates the missing soldiers along with several others of various nationalities. While trying to leave, they meet the master of the castle, and Indy experiences another brush with the supernatural - the master is revealed to be a vampire that has created a personal army of undead soldiers. Indy succeeds in killing the vampire, Prince Vlad the Impaler, which frees the soldiers from Vlad’s influence and allows them to finally rest in peace. (YIJC - “Transylvania - January 1918” - TV; Masks of Evil - M)


Indy works with counter-revolution groups in Moscow to allow US influence. (YIJC - TV)]


Indy follows a German spy who is collecting weapons technology. They meet in Bombay, Tibet, Egypt, and London before a final confrontation aboard an armed dirigible in Germany. (Instruments of Chaos - VG)


Indy is stationed in the mountains of Northern Italy, sneaking behind the German lines trying to persuade Czech conscripts in the Austrian army to desert. He has been meeting with some soldiers in an abandoned tunnel, making plans for their defection. After one such meeting, he meets with another spy who gives him documents to take back across the lines. After he gets back across no man’s land to the Italian side, he washes up and heads out to see his girlfriend Giulietta. On the way there, he hitches a ride with two American ambulance drivers. One of them notices Indy’s Belgian uniform and makes fun of him. Indy pretends not to understand and replies with insults in French. When they arrive at the village, Indy thanks them for the ride in English, embarrassing the loudmouth and giving the other one a good laugh. When Indy goes to Giulietta’s house outside of town, and presents her with a single red rose. As she goes to put it in water, her grandmother points out that another suitor brought her a whole bouquet of roses. She tells him that he’ll have to do better. Later, Indy is drowning his sorrows at a bar, when in walks the other ambulance driver. He introduces himself as Ernest Hemingway. Indy tells Ernie his problems and that he’s afraid that the other guy is winning. Ernie tells him that love is like war and that he should fight for his girl. Ernie gets drunk and promises to help him. A few days later, Indy is back across the German lines to meet his group of potential deserters. When he gets to the meeting place, he finds it empty. One of them arrives and says that the others are held up in the reserve lines and won’t be back until the next day. They’ll cross over to the Italian side then. Back on the Italian side, Indy changes and goes to see Giulietta, armed with a dozen roses and three bars of soap as a present. The other man had bought a couple of bouquets of flowers as well as a box of chocolates. Indy suggests that they go for a walk, but they wind up being chaperoned by her grandmother. Indy wanted to be alone with Giulietta, so he runs, dragging her along. They lose her grandmother in the bustle of the village square. Up on a hillside outside of town, Indy impresses her with the danger that he faces. They kiss, but unfortunately her grandmother finally catches up with them. The next day across the German lines, Indy is told that the Germans are planning an offensive in seventy-two hours. He then leads the defectors across no man’s land. The Germans open fire on their own, but the Italians fire back and the defectors make it across. That night at Giulietta’s, she plays piano while her father plays the cello. Umberto, her brother, tells Indy that the other suitor plays cello as well. Indy tells her mother that he plays the flute, an instrument she finds romantic. She invites him for supper the next evening, the occasion being Giulietta’s birthday. Later, he tries to borrow a flute from a musician. Unfortunately, modern flutes are different from the ancient ones Indy knows how to play. He has to settle for a soprano sax. Ernie tells him that he can’t fail. The evening of Giulietta’s birthday, Indy shows up armed with flowers, gifts and the sax. Her father is upset and rushes into the kitchen to confront her mother. He had invited the other suitor for dinner. When Giulietta hears the news she bursts into tears. While the family fights in the kitchen, the doorbell rings. Indy answers it and finds Ernie. It slowly dawns on them both that they are the other suitors. Before they can come to blows, the family arrives to announce that dinner is ready. During dinner, Indy and Ernie try to out do each other, both of them heaping compliments on the food. After the meal, Ernie excuses himself. Before Indy can say a word though, the sounds of the cello drift into the room. Giulietta goes into the living room and begins to accompany Ernie on the piano. Indy grabs his sax and the three break into a spirited version of “The William Tell Overture.” As Indy and Ernie leave, they get into an argument on the front lawn, vowing war. A few nights later, Ernie shows up to serenade Giulietta on the concertina. Indy arrives a few moments later with a small band of troubadours. Things begin to escalate between the two. Ernie intercepts a shipment of flowers from Indy. Indy puts itching powder in Ernie’s shorts. Eventually, the two decide that they are getting no place with their fighting. They go to see Giulietta to have her choose between them. When they get there, they find her being fitted for a wedding dress. She is marrying an old friend - Alfredo. On the way back to the barracks, they argue, oblivious to the German planes bombing the road around them. Ernie catches some shrapnel in the leg. As Indy runs to help him, he gets caught in a blast and knocked unconscious. Ernie somehow manages to pull Indy to cover. As they recover in the Army hospital, Ernie gets the medal he’s always wanted. Indy gets word that he’s being shipped to North Africa. They agree to look each other up after the war. They also agree never to chase the same girl again, just as a pretty nurse comes into the ward. (YIJC - “Northern Italy - July 1918” - TV; Tales of Innocence - M)

After being wounded in action, Indy is transferred to North Africa where he joins the French Foreign Legion, in Morocco. While trying to uncover the identity of a traitor in his own ranks, Indy battles hostile Berber tribesmen, and engages in an innocent flirtation with author Edith Wharton. (Tales of Innocence - M)

As soon as Indy recovered from his injuries, he was sent to Rome to learn of his next assignment.


Indy has been stationed in Istanbul, Turkey where he is in charge of a small group of spies who are using the Balkan News Agency as a cover. His own cover is that of a Swedish journalist named Nils Anderson. Indy is to meet with the Turkish general Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and see if he would be interested in a separate peace with France. He also has a side bet going with one of his partners, Stefan, as to whether he will accomplish this or not. While there, Indy falls in love with Molly, an American schoolteacher working at an orphanage school, but hides his identity as a spy from her. One day, Indy is speaking at the orphanage and learns that the woman who runs the orphanage knows Kemal. He asks her to see about the possibility of an interview with him for an article on Turkish nationals. He also makes plans with Molly for a special dinner that night. At dinner, he asks her to marry him and she says yes. He doesn’t have a ring, but gives her a bracelet instead. Later that night, Indy meets a contact in an alleyway. He is told that “The Red Document” will arrive on Tuesday. Indy says that doesn’t give them much time for what they have planned, but they have no choice. The next day, he finds out that Kemal has agreed to the interview. During the interview, he asks Kemal about Turkey’s alliance with Germany. Kemal is not happy with it, stating that Germany’s aims are different from Turkey’s. He doesn’t care what the Germans want, he just wants to maintain the integrity of Turkey. Indy asks him if he would be interested in a separate peace with France. Kemal gets a little suspicious and asks Indy if he has the authority to make such an offer. Indy hints that he does. Aware that his staff is listening to their conversation in the next room, Kemal tells him that he is in no position to consider such an offer. He then secretly makes plans to meet with Indy again. Back at the news bureau, Indy receives a message that their courier is to be met in a half an hour. With Stefan warning him to be careful, he rushes to meet him. While waiting at the drop-off sight, he sees the courier struck by a truck while crossing the street. Indy rushes to his side, but he is dead. The documents that he was carrying were in a briefcase, which was stolen. Indy calls a meeting of the entire station and tells them that the documents contained the French terms for a separate peace. The Turkish Army has become more disillusioned with the Sultan and would be willing to follow Kemal. But if people loyal to the Sultan got a hold of the documents, Kemal could be considered a traitor. They conclude that the only one who could have known of the documents arrival is Vescari, a black marketer. The next day, a contact meets Indy and tells him that Vescari has the documents, but will not sell them. He suspects he might have a deal with the Germans. Indy, Stefan and two others go to Vescari’s apartment, but find him drowned in the bathtub. Indy hears a noise in the main room and is attacked by a man with a knife, who stabs him in the arm. They give chase to the man outside and up to the rooftops of the city. Indy and Stefan finally corner the man, who has the documents. He tells them that Vescari was tipped off by an insider from Indy’s group. He tries to run, but Stefan hits him and he falls to the street below, dead. Indy calls another meeting at the station where he reviews the documents. They are not what he expected. If they had fallen into the wrong hands, Kemal would have definitely been branded a traitor. Indy doesn’t trust anyone in the group and says he is having background checks run on everyone. He then hides the letter. Going to bed that night, Indy sleeps uneasily. Someone breaks into his apartment and searches quietly for something. Not finding it, the intruder leaves. The next morning, Molly visits Indy. She orders him to bed and dresses the wound properly. She comes back in the evening and makes him dinner. He tells her he was stabbed while gathering research for an article on the black market. They also discuss their wedding. She decides that she wants to spend the night. The next morning, he walks her back to the orphanage. It is raining and he gives her his overcoat. Along the way, they see a fortune teller and she asks if their love will last forever. The fortune teller says yes, but after they leave, she sees something else in the runes that distresses her. Later, Indy is walking to the office, when he feels that he is being followed. He turns, and a man gives him a slip of paper which tells him to be at a certain place at six o’clock. It is the rendezvous for his meeting with Kemal. He retrieves the documents from their hiding spot and tells Stefan where he is going. Stefan is against his going, but Indy is insistent. He tells Stefan that if anything happens, he’s in charge. Stefan is the only one Indy trusts. At the rendezvous spot, Indy is met by two Turkish soldiers who take him to see Kemal. Indy gives him the document. Kemal reads it and is furious. It is not what he wanted or expected. Indy suggests negotiating with the French, but Kemal refuses. He will achieve his dream of a free Turkey on his own terms. Indy leaves. On his way home, Indy is stopped by one of his fellow spies, Sadallah. He tells him that he just received word from headquarters as to who the double agent could be. Before he can tell Indy, however, he is shot by a man in an alleyway. The police begin to arrive and Indy has no choice but to get away. He calls a meeting with the rest of the station. He has decided to shut down operations for a while and everyone is to lay low. Molly comes to him at the news agency, very upset. Her employer has received a letter calling Indy a spy for the French and wants to know if it is true. He tells her that he is and that they had to lie about things in order to protect her. She doesn’t seem to understand and begins to cry. He tells her the truth about himself and that he loves her. She says that she feels hurt and betrayed. Leaving, she tells him that she never wants to see him again. Later, at the orphanage, Molly spends some time thinking. She then puts on Indy’s overcoat and leaves. Meanwhile, Indy is still at the office, when gun shots rip through the door. They miss him and he runs into the street, headed towards his apartment. He knows he is being followed. At the apartment, he burns the documents and builds a dummy for the pursuer to shoot at. As he hides by the door, he hears the other man slowly start to enter and take aim at the dummy. Just then, the door downstairs opens and a figure wearing an overcoat walks in. Thinking it is Indy, the other man turns and shoots, hitting Molly, who had come to see Indy. Indy charges out onto the landing and sees that it is Stefan who was trying to kill him. Indy shoots him dead. He runs to Molly’s side, but she is dying. She tells him that she still loves him and still wanted to get married. She then dies in his arms. (YIJC - “Istanbul - September 1918” - TV; The Winds of Change - M)


Indy is once again partnered with his wartime friend, Lieutenant Remy Baudoin.


Indy and Remy assigned back to the trenches with orders to arrest a corporal named Bajendra Sing who is believed to be exchanging munitions info with the Germans. They chase him into No Man’s Land and watch as he is shot by the German soldier he was conversing with. They reach Sing and find a map in Greek on him. As he dies he tells them that they must stop the other soldier and repeats “The Eye of the Peacock” over and over. Just then, a cease fire whistle is blown. After four long years, the Great War has finally ended and Germany has surrendered to the Allies. Indy and Remy resign their commissions in the Belgian Army and return to England where Remy is reunited with his wife Suzette and step children. When Miss Seymour fails to show up at the train station to meet Indy, he goes to her house to discover that Miss Seymour died from a fever a week earlier. Indy reads a letter left to him by Miss Seymour telling him that she wishes him to make peace with his father and make something of himself with his life. Indy stays with Remy and his wife for a while and Remy tells him that he had the map translated. They discover that the map they possess may be able to lead them to one of the diamond eyes from a golden peacock statue originally owned by Alexander the Great. When wine is accidentally spilled on the map, Indy notices that there is secret writing on the map that can only be seen when wet. The writing gives them a starting point for their treasure hunt and the two travel to Alexandria. They discover that archaeologist Howard Carter (who Indy met in Egypt in 1908) is staying in the hotel they checked into. Indy and Remy find another clue at a museum in a stone tombstone dating back to Alexander the Great’s time. They meet a German man with an eye patch at the museum who is drawing the tombstone. Back at the hotel they meet up with Carter and novelist E. M. Forster. Carter tells them of his search for King Tutankhamen’s tomb. While Indy works on translating the inscription from the tomb, he discovers that a key is needed to be placed on the map in order to find out the exact location of the temple they are searching for. Indy and Remy are attacked in their room by the German man with the eye patch (who turns out to be the soldier who murdered Singh in an earlier attempt to get the map) and a group of thugs. They beat off the men, but the map is stolen. In searching the German man’s room they find that he has left on a steamship, unfortunately they find out that they missed the boat he left on by a half an hour. They head after him by train and arrive in Port Said where they board the ship that the German is on. Peaking through the German’s window, they watch as he places the key on the map to get the location and then burn the map. Failing to see where the key pointed to, they decide to follow him to the temple and disembark the boat at Java. They check into the hotel where the German is staying and meet a woman named Lily who was sitting at the table with the German and a group of people. She tells them a little about the various people: Ku Wong, Jambi, a tobacco trader, and Jongrann, a diamond trader. After she leaves they overhear the three men call the German Zeik and that they have financed his expedition. They need to get the diamond to a “fat man” in Singapore who will pay triple the black market price within a week or he will be gone. Indy and Remy follow Zeik on horseback to the temple and manage to find a locked box, believed to contain the diamond, before him. Zeik finds them and takes the box; however, Indy manages to steal the key from him which is needed to open the box. Indy and Remy return to the Zeik’s room in the hotel where they find him dead. They find a ticket for a boat going to Singapore and find that Ku Wong, Jambi and Jongrann are also aboard. Indy meets up with Lily again who is also aboard, but has no money. He lets her stay in his cabin as he sets off to search for the box with the diamond in the cabins of the other three men. Remy tries to distract the men with a game of cards while Indy searches, however Jongrann returns to his cabin before Indy can search the room. Indy and Remy both sneak into his room while he sleeps, but Jongrann wakes up and pulls a gun on them. Before he can shoot, pirates board the ship and start attacking everyone. The female pirate captain, who turns out to be Jin Ming, the singer from the ship’s nightclub, demands everyone’s possessions and Indy and Remy are surprised to find that Lily had the box. She tells Indy that she is the one who shot Zeik; he was supposed to be her partner, but he was going to kill her. The pirates also take the key from Indy. The pirates leave and Indy, Remy and Lily follow after them in a lifeboat. The three sneak aboard the pirate ship and retrieve the box from the cargo hold full of treasure. Remy takes the box from Lily, but they are caught by the pirates when Lily makes too much noise. The pirates attack and Lily is shot dead as she tries to escape with the box by herself. A fire breaks out on the ship and as the pirates flee on a lifeboat with the box, Indy and Remy follow on another lifeboat in pursuit. Both lifeboats run ashore on an island and everyone is attacked by headhunters. Remy grabs the box in the brief battle and he and Indy set out to sea again. The pirates are killed by the headhunters on the island when Remy sabotages their boat. Eventually, they land on another island, in the Tropians, and are captured by a group of natives who take them back to their village. Indy and Remy show that they mean them no harm and the natives give them food and shelter. The next morning Indy befriends a small native boy named Biok. Later that day Indy and Remy are tied up during an initiation ceremony for the younger male tribe members. A tribe from a neighboring island arrives on boat and a ceremonial battle is played out. During the battle, Indy manages to free himself, and runs to the aid of Biok when he sees him get hit by a spear. The boy dies and is carried back to the village by both of the tribes. The next day, Indy and Remy depart with the neighboring tribe and are taken back to their village where they meet anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski. He tells them that the tribes do not want to fight, but do so because the “ghosts” want them to battle. Indy and Remy learn that a freighter comes by occasionally and that they will be able to get back to London. Back at Malinowski’s house, Indy and Remy pry open the box. But instead of finding a diamond inside, however, they find a stone and Remy explodes in rage. Over dinner, Malinowski tells them how he is documenting the culture of this tribe so that it won’t be lost when it eventually changes. Remy returns to his room and Indy tells Malinowski how they have been treasure hunting. Indy says how he’d like to eventually return to the states and attend the University of Chicago to study archaeology. The next morning Indy shows Malinowski the stone which has an inscription on it. Together they work on translating it and discover what may be a clue as to the diamonds whereabouts. Indy begins to see how the treasure hunt has begun to become an obsession to Remy and begins to wonder if he wants to continue on in search of the diamond. Later, Malinowski asks Indy what he will do once he has found the diamond. Indy replies that he’d return to the states and attend college. Malinowski points out that is exactly what he wanted to do before he began his treasure hunt and that it is foolish to waste his time searching for something he does not really need while he could be pursuing his real dream. Indy later tells Remy that he’s not going to continue on the search, but instead he is returning to the states. Remy tries to talk him out of it and, when he realizes that Indy will not change his mind he tells him that he will continue on alone. Indy and Remy leave on the freighter and eventually go their separate ways. (Young Indiana Jones and the Treasure of the Peacock’s Eye - TVM; M)



On the way back to Europe, Indy meets Gandhi in Bombay. (YIJC - TV)]


The Germans have surrendered to the Allies and the Kaiser has abdicated and fled the country. The leaders of the Allied countries have gathered in Paris for the peace conference. The three main heads of the conference are French Premier George Clemenceau, British Prime Minister David Lloyd-George and United States President Woodrow Wilson. Indy has secured a job with the American delegation as a translator. His boss is pleased with his work and says that there will be a job available for him in the State Department when the conference is over. While there, Indy runs into T.E. “Ned” Lawrence, who is helping to see that Arabia is awarded her independence. He believes that colonialism is dead now that dozens of countries are petitioning the conference for their freedom. He invites Indy along for dinner. At dinner, Ned introduces Gertrude Bell, a writer who has been championing the Arab cause. They are also joined by a member of the British delegation, Arnold Toynbee. Toynbee is afraid that the leaders of the conference will give in to the publics’ outcries for blood and retribution. Indy tries to defend Wilson, saying that he is a good man. Toynbee says that Wilson is obsessed with his League of Nations idea and will concede anything to get it. The world is changing and history is now moving in a spiral, he says. If they try to push Germany down now, it will only rise again. He gives Indy some words of advice which he then later writes in his journal - “Those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.” The next day, Wilson addresses the conference about his League of Nations. At dinner afterwards, Ned tells Indy and Gertrude about his dreams of a free Arabia. Unfortunately, it seems that politics may prohibit it. Although England promised Arabia its freedom, it also promised Arabia to France in exchange for Kuwait and its oil fields. A few days later, Indy is brought to Wilson’s study to transcribe a conversation between Wilson, Lloyd-George and Clemenceau. They are arguing over Arabia. Wilson is not happy with Lloyd-George’s and Clemenceau’s secret agreement. He proposes a commission to find out the will of the people as to who should rule them. The other two reluctantly agree. That night at dinner, Indy tells Ned what happened. He is happy and feels that this will help free Arabia. However, he plans on not waiting for the commission, but having King Faisal present his case to the conference and run rings around Wilson. Indy is not happy with Ned’s plan and they argue. Ned finally walks out. Indy goes to follow Ned, but is stopped by their Vietnamese waiter, who overheard the whole argument. The waiter wishes to talk to Indy, but Indy brushes him off in his haste to catch Ned. He does catch up to him down the street. Ned apologizes, saying that he’s become cynical. He wonders how Indy got through the whole war without losing his ideals. A few days later, King Faisal of Arabia addresses the conference. Ned translates for him. Faisal asks for justice and the fulfillment of England’s promise of freedom. He asks that his country not be divided up like war booty for the colonial powers. As Indy is walking home that evening, he is stopped by the Vietnamese waiter, who introduces himself as Nguyen. He says that he is part of a delegation of patriots who wish address the conference, but no one will see them. They are beginning to get desperate. Indy is not sure that he can help, but he will see what he can do. Indy presents the idea to his boss, who is against it. He tells Indy to forget what Wilson said about helping all the people of the world. Presidents may come and go, but diplomats will always stay. Indy does, however, persuades him to give the Vietnamese a hearing. Later, the Vietnamese delegation presents their request to some of the diplomats. All they ask for are certain freedoms and a voice in the French Parliament. They are told it would be considered. Outside of the hall, Indy apologizes, saying that he wished it could have gone better. Nguyen is happy that they at least got their chance to be heard. Another member of the delegation calls him Ho Chi Min, which means “Father of His Country.” The delegation then leaves for home. At dinner, Indy is disgusted that no one seems to care. Toynbee tells him that no one is interested in the common people’s interests except for Wilson. The real decisions are being made in private, with the colonial powers carving up the world for themselves. Indy wonders why they fought the war in the first place. Ned arrives and lets them know that the German delegation has finally arrived. They were delayed by the French who forced them to take a train ride through some of the worst areas of the battlefield. At the station, the train is met by an angry mob which the police can barely keep back. The German delegation is refused cab service and has to walk to their hotel. Indy and Ned talk about why they thought the war was fought. Ned originally thought it was to preserve democracy, but now is not sure that it was accomplished. As Indy is walking home, he sees the German delegation being followed by an angry mob of people. He follows them to the hotel, where a porter begins throwing out their luggage to the crowd. Indy is close to the front and grabs a bag to hand back to a young German diplomat. The next day, the Germans come before the conference. Clemenceau says that there will be no negotiating of terms and that the Germans have fifteen days to sign the treaty. Later at the opera, Toynbee joins Indy, Ned and Gertrude. He says that Wilson has finally conceded almost all of his fourteen points. He also says that the terms of German reparation is even harsher than anyone thought that they would be. This plan will bankrupt Germany and perhaps drag the rest of Europe down with it. He predicts that the war will be fought all over again, in ten to twenty years. He also tells them that Germany must assume all responsibility for the war. At the conference, the German delegation says that they laid down their arms in accordance with Wilson’s fourteen points, but now find that they are not in the treaty. They also refuse to bear the guilt of the war. Clemenceau says that the treaty must be accepted. Reluctantly, the head of the German delegation agrees. Later, at a reception, the young German diplomat walks in. Everyone stops and stares at him. Indy goes over to him and helps him get a cup of coffee. The German recognizes him from the hotel. They talk and find out that they both fought at Verdun. The German says that there will be no future for anyone if the rulers at the conference have their way. After the formal signing ceremonies, there is a large celebration. Indy says that he is glad that it is finally over. Toynbee disagrees, feeling that it is just beginning. As Indy is helping with the packing up of the American delegation’s office, he comes across the file with the Vietnamese delegation’s request. It is stamped with the words “No Action.” Indy is then summoned with his boss to President Wilson’s office. There, they witness another conference between Wilson, Lloyd-George and Clemenceau. Wilson is upset that a commission is not being sent to Arabia. Lloyd-George says that the situation in the Middle East is much too volatile to make a decision now. Instead, he and Clemenceau propose “Zones of Influence” for England and France. They promise Wilson to find something for King Faisal. Wilson concedes to them. After they leave, Wilson is full of doubt. He got his League of Nations, but at what cost? Indy decides to turn down the State Department job and instead plans on returning home and then attend the University of Chicago in the fall to study archaeology. He and Ned promise to stay in touch as they say goodbye at the train station. Ned leaves Indy with these words - “We gave the old men victory and they threw it away. We offered them a new world and they made the old one over again. Still, it might have been worse...” (YIJC - “Paris - May 1919” - TV; The Winds of Change - M)

[On his way back to the United States, Indy is robbed. He follows the thief onto an ocean liner headed for Buenos Aires, Argentina. While in Argentina, Indy serves as a tutor, teaching English and Science. (YIJC - TV)]


Indy returns home to Princeton from France and bumps into Nancy Stratemeyer, his high school girlfriend, who is pushing a stroller with her son, Butch Jr., in it. Indy is depressed to learn that she married his high school rival, Butch, nearly two years earlier. He is even more depressed by the cold reception he gets from his father when he arrives home. Indy’s father is angry at Indy for running off to Europe to fight in the war. At dinner Indy tells his father that the last time he felt close to him was when they were in Athens when he was ten years old. Henry Jones Sr. points out that that was immediately after their trip to Russia, where Indy ran away. They relive the time Indy ran away from his father in Russia and their travels together immediately afterwards in Greece in 1910. Indy tells his father that the time at the hanging monastery in Greece was the last time he can recall them hugging. His father gets up from the table and retires for the evening. The next day, as Indy is leaving, Indy tells his father that he is sorry they haven’t talked more. His father says he is also sorry and they seem to be finally be reconciling until Indy tells him that he is going to the University of Chicago, instead of Princeton University, to study archaeology. His father suddenly becomes cold and tells him to close the door behind him when he leaves. Accepting that he will never have his father’s approval, Indy leaves for Chicago. (Young Indiana Jones Travels with Father - TVM; M)


Indy enrolls at the University of Chicago, and begins to study archaeology.

On the first day of classes, Indy purchases a new fedora. Because of the sentimental value of this fedora, Indy attributes his famous luck to it.


Indy travels to Havana, Cuba. He watches an exhibition game played between the American All Star team, staring Babe Ruth, and a local Cuban team. Integration issues are brought up when a black player outdoes the Babe. (YIJC - TV)]



Indy is working his way through college as a waiter at Colosimo’s Restaurant, home of the best food and the best jazz in Chicago. Indy loves jazz, but his admiration is not appreciated by the restaurant’s band leader, Sidney Bechet.

Meanwhile, at school Indy is not getting along well with his roommate, Eliot Ness. Eliot is far too uptight, but one evening Indy is able to talk him into going to the Royal Garden, a jazz club. At the club, Sidney and the band are jamming and are joined by a singer named Goldie Williams. Eliot gets upset when he is served “Prohibition Water” (gin). He goes to leave but ends up causing a commotion after he trips over another customer. Both he and Indy wind up getting thrown out. The next evening at work, Indy apologizes to Sidney for the commotion, but winds up gushing about how much he loves jazz. Sidney asks Indy if he’s ever played an instrument and he admits that he played soprano sax a little bit during the war. Sidney has a soprano sax which he gives to Indy to practice. After work, Indy gets to tag along with the band as they perform at a speakeasy called The Four Deuces. For the next couple of weeks, Indy spends his free time playing sax and driving Eliot up a wall. One afternoon, Eliot drags Indy to a football victory party at a campus frat house. Indy has his sax with him. When a cheerleader Eliot has a crush on sees Indy’s sax, she arranges for him to sit in with the band and barber shop quartet that’s performing. However, he is kicked out of the party when he starts to improvise around “April Showers.” He is told that jazz is brothel music and not respectable. At work, Indy cons Sidney into letting him jam with them on a song at the Four Deuces. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go as well as Indy hoped. Sidney gives Indy some pointers on jazz. He tells him that he has to learn to walk before he can run. He also instructs Indy to learn “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” forwards and backwards. One Sunday morning Indy goes to a black revival church with Sidney. Some of the other parishioners are uncomfortable with Indy’s presence. They go to Goldie’s house afterwards for Sunday dinner. Indy learns that her brother, C.J., was in the war and they trade jokes about life in the army. The discussion takes a serious turn when C.J. expresses his dissatisfaction with the black plight in America. This leads to an argument with his father about the methods for achieving civil rights. A few nights later, Indy, Sidney, Goldie and C.J. talk about change. As weeks go on, Indy continues to practice, getting better as he goes. One night, Sidney overhears him at work and is impressed with his progress. After work, the band heads over to the Golden Palace to hear Goldie sing. While Sidney is jamming with the band, he invites Indy up on stage and they proceed to storm through a swinging version of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” (YIJC - “Chicago - April 1920” section, Young Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues - TV; TVM; M)


One night, at work, “Big Jim” Colosimo introduces his new young wife, Dale Winters, who sings a number with the band. Later at the Four Deuces, Indy learns that Colosimo owns the speakeasy. Sidney doesn’t let Indy perform as the band is going to be playing the blues. He explains to Indy the difference between jazz and the blues. The next day, as the restaurant is getting ready to open, Colosimo is shot to death in the doorway. No one sees anything, although one waiter had to chase out a customer only a few minutes before the shooting. Indy notices that Colosimo’s rings are gone. Reporters and police are soon crawling all over the restaurant. Colosimo’s nephew Johnny Torio arrives and notices that Colosimo’s money belt containing $200,000 is gone. Police Chief Garrity, a personal friend of Colosimo’s promises to find the killer. One of the reporters is an old friend of Indy’s from the war, Ernest Hemingway, who is working as a free-lancer for the Chicago Tribune. Back at Indy’s dorm room, they discuss the case. Eliot expresses interest. It seems that Colosimo’s first wife was the one who got him out of bootlegging and into the much more profitable brothel trade. After he made a fortune, he dumped his wife and took up with Dale Winters. Ernie is excited by all the gossip, but Eliot suggests solving the crime procedurally, establishing motive, method and opportunity. Their first move is to go to the funeral procession to see who turns up. As the casket is solemnly paraded through the streets, they run into “Big Al” Brown, a bartender at The Four Deuces who has a nasty scar on his face. Among the dignitaries in the procession are Mayor Bill Thompson, some judges and a couple of congressmen. Indy has to leave the funeral for work where they are holding a reception afterwards. Ernie has a couple of leads he wants to check out. Eliot has a friend in the morgue and goes to see what he can learn. At the restaurant, Colosimo’s first wife arrives and causes a scene, yelling at Dale. She eventually has to be dragged, crying, out of the restaurant. Meeting with the coroner, Eliot learns that Colosimo was shot in the back of the head, possibly as he was looking out the front door’s peephole. Ernie hangs out at the police station with some reporters, but learns nothing. They meet at a soda fountain for lunch and trade information. Unfortunately, all they have are half formed theories with no evidence to back them up. They figure that Colosimo was waiting for someone and the killer knew it. If they could figure out who Colosimo was waiting for, they might crack the case. Indy promises to talk to the waiter who chased the customer away. Ernie continues his digging at the Tribune. He also writes The New York Times for information. That night at The Four Deuces, Indy is so distracted thinking about the murder that he’s not even paying attention to the band. Sidney tells Indy that Torio will be taking over the restaurant and other business interests. He also says that Colosimo was waiting for a shipment of bootleg liquor. Later, Indy, Ernie and Eliot meet. They decide to go to the restaurant and find out who sold Colosimo the liquor. Indy sneaks in and finds the bootleg liquor is packed in boxes marked “Cristo Lemonade Company.” They trace this to a warehouse along the Lake Michigan waterfront. They go to the warehouse and break into an office. Unfortunately, they are discovered before they can find anything. They boys make a mad dash out and almost escape, but are cornered when their car runs out of gas. The three are taken to see O’Bannon, head of the Irish mob in Chicago and owner of the warehouse. He tells them that he didn’t have Colosimo killed, but wonders if someone is setting him up. He then lets them go. That night at work, Torio is glad handling the customers, including the mayor. Indy spots Al Brown wearing one of Colosimo’s rings. He meets with Eliot and Ernie and passes on what he saw. Ernie’s information has arrived from the Times. It includes the fact that Al Brown is really a small time gangster named Alfonse Capone, who fled New York with a murder rap over his head. There is also a photo of Capone and Torio together. Eliot reveals that he had grabbed some papers off of the warehouse’s desk before they fled. One of them shows that it was Torio that placed the order for the liquor. Torio and Capone have to be the ones behind Colosimo’s murder. The three take their findings to Garrity who destroys the evidence and throws them out. He warns them to keep quite about the whole affair. Eliot is furious, but there is nothing they can do. Garrity is obviously on the take. Ernie decides to go to Paris to write, while Indy quits his job. Later at The Four Deuces, Indy is still brooding about how things worked out. Sidney decides that Indy is now ready to play the blues. (YIJC - “Chicago - May 1920” section, Young Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues - TV; TVM; M)


Indy is leaving Chicago for a summer job that Sidney Bechet is arranging for him in New York City. On the train, he sits next to a beautiful young woman who doesn’t seem to like or trust him very much. However, after a misunderstanding over an apple that Indy dropped, they start to get along. She introduces herself as Peggy Peabody and she’s on her way to New York to break into Broadway as a singer. She’s a bit naive, but as the trip progresses, they grow closer. When they arrive in New York, they make plans to meet the next morning for a tour of the city. Indy then goes to the Greenwich Village, to find an apartment of a friend with whom he’s supposed to be staying with. Finding nobody home, he gets swept into a party going on next door. There he meets the party’s hostess, Kate, who tells him that his friends have left for Europe for the summer. They end up discussing archaeology and literature until almost noon the next day. When Indy realizes this, he rushes to Peggy’s hotel, but she has already checked out leaving no forwarding address. Upset, Indy takes a walk in Central Park before heading back up to Kate’s to get his suitcase. Kate invites Indy to stay at her place and he accepts. Indy heads up to Harlem to see Sidney about his job, but, unfortunately, it fell through. Sidney did bring Indy’s sax and they jam with a friend of Sidney’s, George Gershwin. Gershwin is impressed with Indy’s playing and they go to get something to eat. Later, while shooting pool with some of George’s composer friends, George White and Irving Berlin, Indy tells him about Peggy. Gershwin and the others tell Indy about love and music. He also tells Indy to go to the Globe Theater and ask a man named Mac about a job. When Indy gets back to Kate’s they talk for a bit and wind up kissing. The next morning Indy goes to the theater and lands a job as the assistant to the stage manager, Mac. The theater is deep in rehearsals for its show “Scandals of 1920,” which its star and director, George White, hopes will blow away “Ziegfeld’s Follies.” To that end, he has hired away Ziegfeld’s star Anne Pennington. However, his assistant, Schwartz is worried about the expenses the show is incurring, but White doesn’t want to be bothered. Gershwin is writing the music for the show. During a break, Indy tells George about Kate. Gershwin invites Indy and Kate to a party on Fifth Avenue. Back at Kate’s she declines the invitation as she is going to a poetry reading. She tells Indy to go ahead without her. George and Indy arrive at the party and Indy is swept away by the splendor of the penthouse and the beauty of Gloria Schuyler, daughter of the host. He follows her out to the balcony as the band begins to play a tango. She and Indy dance and she is swept off her feet. She finally takes him home in a limousine at dawn. They make plans to see each other that night. Indy rushes into Kate’s with only an hour before he has to be at work. Kate is just getting up and they make plans to have lunch at the Hotel Algonquin at one o’clock. That morning at work, White is driving the chorus girls hard. Anne Pennington arrives to rehearse her number which Gershwin wrote. He complains that she’s taking it too fast, but she doesn’t like the song anyway. White tells him to write her another song. Later Gershwin asks Indy about how things went with Gloria and ribs him about having two girls. Gloria then arrives to take him out to lunch. Afterwards, he gets her to drop him off at the Algonquin under the pretext of having to run an errand for White. He also makes plans to meet her for a late dinner at ten o’clock. Inside the hotel, Kate introduces Indy to some of her friends that they’ll be joining for lunch. Among them are author Dorothy Parker and critic Alexander Woollcott Most of the rest are theater critics who have already taken a dim view of White’s production. Indy doesn’t think it’s fair that they have written their reviews already. That afternoon at the theater, auditions are being held for new chorus girls. One of them is Peggy, who tells Indy that she didn’t make it. Indy talks to George who gets her hired. Happy, she tells Indy that she is buying him dinner tonight after work at six. Indy then gets a phone call from Kate who is looking forward to having dinner with him around eight. While he’s on the phone, a box of candy arrives from Gloria with a note reminding him of their date for ten o’clock. George can only marvel at Indy’s predicament, but offers no help. As Indy tries to leave work, Mac, who has been drinking, gives Indy more work to do. He winds up being late to meet Peggy. She treats him to chili dogs, which he quickly eats, saying he has to get back to the theater. He then races to Kate’s where she feeds him a big pasta dinner. Then making the same excuses about work, he heads out to Gloria’s. When he gets there, she notices that he’s looking a bit run down and lectures him on the importance of eating three meals a day. The next day at work, things are not going well. The new girls are slow to learn the dance numbers and the show opens in just ten days. White still hasn’t found a girl to sing the song Anne rejected. Indy talks to George about having Peggy audition for it. Meanwhile, Schwartz has bad news for White. The backers have pulled out of the show and they need twenty thousand dollars or the show will fold before it opens. That evening Indy tells what happened to Peggy, Kate and Gloria. Gloria places a call to her father. The next day, Peggy is set to audition for the song when she is interrupted for an announcement. They have a new backer for the show, Gloria’s father J.J. Schuyler. He has arrived to watch rehearsals with Gloria. He’s impressed with Peggy’s audition, so White gives her the number. Backstage, Indy is given a kiss by an excited Peggy, when Schuyler and Gloria show up on a backstage tour with White. George sees Indy’s predicament and pulls Peggy away before Gloria catches up to him. That night at Kate’s, some friends are over for a poetry reading. She reads them a poem about love that she wrote for a flattered Indy. He then leaves for dinner at Gloria’s, where she gives him a watch. After dinner, he goes to see Sidney with Gershwin and Peggy. While there, she gives him a monogrammed handkerchief. After practice the next day, Indy and George talk about his problem. Indy just can’t decide what to do. A few days later, Indy joins Kate and her friends for lunch. They tell him that Ziegfeld has threatened to pull his ads from their papers if they give White’s show good reviews. The critics promise not to let Ziegfeld blackmail them. During the meal, Indy spills water on Kate. He pulls out Peggy’s handkerchief to mop it up and she absently places it in her purse. With less than a week to go before the show, things have reached a hectic pace at the theater. The show is running overtime, so Peggy’s number is cut. Indy gives her Gloria’s watch pin to help her get to practice on time. When he goes to Kate’s after work, Gloria calls, insisting that he come right over. Making an excuse to Kate, he rushes right off. At the penthouse, Indy woos her with lines from Kate’s poem. She loves it and promises to have it engraved on her cigarette case. (YIJC - “New York - June 1920” section, Young Indiana Jones and the Scandal of 1920 - TV; TVM; M)


A day before the show, Indy receives a dozen roses from Gloria which he passes onto Peggy. White is driving everyone unmercifully. Indy is having trouble getting the stage’s turntable to run smoothly and it is vital to the show’s first act finale. George and Indy relax after practice talking about the fate of the show. Indy remembers that it is his twenty-first birthday. On opening night the backstage area is chaos. Kate arrives and tells Indy that she has to review the show because the paper’s regular critic is sick. Gloria and Mr. Schuyler show up to wish Indy luck with only a few minutes until the curtain goes up, the first emergency pops up. Mac is passed out drunk, courtesy of a bottle of booze sent by Ziegfeld. Indy will have to run the show. The next emergency crops up moments later. Someone has stolen the costumes for the first number. Indy quickly improvises giant fans out of some costume feathers. The opening number goes on, shocking some of the audience and impressing the critics. The next number feathers Anne, but her dressing room door is jammed shut. Indy quickly batters it down and carries her bodily to the stage. Meanwhile, Bonzo, the monkey in an animal act that’s part of the show, is running amuck in the rafters. As Indy tries to catch him, he inadvertently sends pillars crashing down onto the stage. The rest of the first act goes well until the finale. The stage’s turntable is broken beyond repair. George gets an idea. He has Peggy sing the song he wrote exactly at the slow pace they practiced it at. White had tried to make it a jazzy ragtime number, but Peggy sings as a slow love ballad and brings the house down. After the show, Peggy, Gloria and Kate are all at the cast party, and Gershwin helps Indy by keeping them distracted. The early editions of the papers arrive and the reviews are fantastic, with special notice of Peggy’s singing. Despite George and Indy’s jockeying, Kate, Gloria and Peggy end up in the powder room at the same time. There, Kate notices a few lines of her poem inscribed on Gloria’s cigarette case. Gloria notices her watch pin pined to Peggy. Peggy notices her handkerchief in Kate’s hand. Back at the party, a birthday cake is wheeled out for Indy. As he blows out the candles, the three women enter. Indy tries to explain, but they simply push his face into the cake. (YIJC - “New York - July 1920” section, Young Indiana Jones and the Scandal of 1920 - TV; TVM; M)


Indy is stuck in New York after being fired from his job at the theater with a month of summer vacation left, no job and not enough money for next year’s tuition. His friend George Gershwin meets him in the movie theater and says that his old boss Mr. White has arranged for a possible job for Indy at Universal Pictures. Indy is hired by Carl Laemmle to go to Hollywood to force director (and star actor) Erich von Stroheim to complete his movie Foolish Wives within ten days or close down the filming which has gone outrageously over budget. Indy gets $300 now and will receive an additional $300 bonus when he successfully completes his job. Indy arrives at Universal Studios and meets Laemmle’s brother-in-law Izzy Bernstein, the head of Universal Studios and relays Laemmle’s ultimatum. Indy is taken by Irving Thalberg, who trying to learn the movie business, to see von Stroheim and tell him the deadline. On the way Irving gives Indy a tour of the studios and tells him about the industry. Irving tries to warn Indy about von Stroheim’s eccentricities, and Indy is not prepared for the man’s intensity about his work and his own self-importance. Von Stroheim says that he alone decides the fate of his picture not an “errand boy.” Indy is introduced to Claire Leebrum, one of the writers of the movie. She explains to Indy how von Stroheim keeps adding scenes to the movie without any end in sight. When Indy tells her that many of the planned scenes will have to be cut she gives Indy a copy of the script to read before he “makes any more stupid suggestions.” At breakfast with Claire and Irving, Indy tries to decide what to cut. Irving introduces Indy to director Jack Ford. Ford tells Indy to forget the script and view the film that has already been shot in order to decide what to cut. After watching the prints, Indy and Claire go to the beach to look at the night sky. Claire tells him how currently the director is the “king” of the movie, while Bernstein wants to shift that power to the producer. In the course of their conversation, a romance begins to bud, but Claire tells Indy that she has a boyfriend. In the middle of kissing, Claire comes up with a way to end the movie. The next day, Claire finds out that she is fired from Foolish Wives. To further complicate matters, Indy finds out that Stroheim has taken all of the prints for the movie to his house. Indy goes there to get them back and, over watching von Stroheim drink ox blood, von Stroheim tells him that he did not take the film. Irving later tells Indy that they have the negatives and can strike another print from it. They decide that in order to end the movie, they need to film a scene where von Stroheim’s character dies. While driving, Claire tells Indy that she loves him, but she also still loves her boyfriend, Tony. Indy is informed the next day that he can’t get the scenes shot that he needs to end the film because Prince Massimo, the Italian prince actor, is arriving to film other scenes. Indy decides to stop Massimo from showing up by kidnapping him and dumping him in Mexico. Indy, Irving and Claire go to a party being thrown by Doug Fairbanks and Mary Pickford to snatch the Prince. They tell the drunken prince that they can take him to a better party and head off towards the border. They leave him in a cantina in Mexico and return to Hollywood. The following day, von Stroheim explodes in a rage when he finds out that Massimo has not showed. He begins thinking up new scenes in order to avoid filming his death scene and rehires Claire to write the scenes for him. After filming the new scene, Indy declares that he’ll think of something even if he has to kill von Stroheim himself. During the duel scene being filmed the next day, Indy rolls marbles under von Stroheim’s feet so it will look like he’s been shot and they’ll have their death scene, with which that can finish the movie. Unfortunately, all of the extras fall over while von Stroheim remains standing. At lunch, Ford tells Indy, Irving and Claire they need to slip von Stroheim a “mickey” to get him to fall over and slips a horse tranquilizer pill into von Stroheim’s drink. On the set, von Stroheim can barely stay awake as he tries once again filming the duel scene. Von Stroheim ends up dramatically stumbling and falling after he is “shot” and Indy gets the scene on film he needs to end the movie on the tenth and last day he was allotted. Indy goes to von Stroheim and congratulates him on the finish of the film, but von Stroheim congratulates Indy on beating him. Von Stroheim gives Indy tickets to a gala movie premiere, with which he can take Claire and Irving. While they are there von Stroheim takes the whole production crew to Mexico to continue filming the movie. Indy receives a telegram from Lemly telling him that he’s been fired without his bonus. Irving also receives a telegram from Lemly, however, his tells him that he’s been made head of Universal Pictures and his first assignment is to go to Mexico and take control of von Stroheim. Finding himself stuck in Hollywood with no money and no job, Indy takes a job with John Ford as his assistant on his next western movie, Six Steps to Hell. Ford tells Indy how his real name is Sean Allouicious O’Feeney and that his brother Francis Ford was the first to rename himself when he first came to America. Ford introduces Indy to Harry Carey, the star actor and Indy takes notes as Ford and Carey rewrite the bad script they were given. Ford sends Indy to a bar to bring back Wyatt Earp to help consult on the motion picture. Wyatt Earp tells Indy, Ford and Carey about real gunfights as opposed to the fictional stories. After finishing typing the new script that Ford and Carey wrote Indy goes to see Claire. Claire once again tells Indy that she still has feelings for Tony, but Claire decides that if things work out between her and Indy over the next two weeks she’ll break up with Tony. The next day, however, Indy finds out that they’ll be filming on location for the entire time and he won’t be able to see Claire. Indy goes to tell Claire before he heads out and he finds her with Tony. The whole crew heads out ,but stop en route, to film the final scene first in front of the setting sun. At night, Wyatt Earp tells stories of the old west to the crew as Indy tries writing a letter to Claire. Indy ends up getting advice from the crew about what to do with Claire. The general consensus is that he should get over her because she’s not going to leave Tony. While filming the next day a small earthquake hits and a fire starts in the house they were shooting a scene in. Ford continues to film and begins improvising a new scene working the burning building into it. Filming continues without any problems over the next few days until one of the lead actors is killed in his sleep by a poisonous snake. Ford has Indy take over the deceased actor’s role; however, Indy’s lack of acting ability soon becomes evident. Indy improves over the next few days of filming; however, Ford finds himself a day behind schedule and without any stuntmen, after they are all injured on the set. Claire arrives to visit Indy after getting his letter. On the last day of filming, Ford has Indy act as a stuntman to complete the final scene to film - the runaway coach scene. Indy agrees to do it for extra pay and risks his life as he jumps from his horse to the wagon, misses and ends up underneath the wagon, being dragged on his back, pulling himself to the front where he grabs hold of the reins and stops the horses from going over a cliff. With the movie done, Indy says his farewell to Claire and everyone else and returns to the University of Chicago with a broken leg and enough money for tuition. (Young Indiana Jones and the Hollywood Follies - TVM; M)


At the University of Chicago, Indy begins to study archaeology under Prof. Abner Ravenwood. Indy soon becomes Ravenwood’s best student. He and Ravenwood also become good friends.

[Prof. Ravenwood hires Indy to work for him as cheap labor on a joint excavation in the American Southwest. On this excavation, Indy meets Ravenwood’s daughter, Marion, for the first time.]


Indy mets and befriends Jack Shannon in the residence halls of the University of Chicago. They become good friends, and even pull some jokes together.


Indy meets fellow student Rene Belloq during a summer field school in Iraq. The both participate in a dig at the site of Ur. Rene steals some of the valuable artifacts that they find at the Royal Tombs, and sells them. As a result Rene Belloq becomes well respected within the inner rings of the black market.


Indy studies the Inuit in Alaska and Canada, and finds out that he most definitely prefers the heat to the cold. (YIJC - TV)

[(Young Indiana Jones and the Phantom of the Klondike - EB)

(Young Indiana Jones and the Holy Meteorite - EB)



Indy plays football at the University of Chicago.]


Indy finally completes his undergraduate degree on May 23rd and moves onto a graduate program (in linguistics) at the Sorbonne. His archaeology professor, Dorian Belecamus, invites him along on a dig in Greece. There, she’s involved in a plot to overthrow King Constantine, and Indy is unknowingly set up to take the blame for the king’s murder. Indy saves the king but loses Dorian when she is killed by a bullet meant for him. It is this adventure that marks the turning point in Indy’s life. Archaeology now becomes his lifelong pursuit. (Indiana Jones and the Peril at Delphi - B)


Archaeologist Howard Carter makes one of the most important finds of the 20th century when he discovers the tomb of King Tutankhamen in Egypt.



In Egypt, Indy and a journalist named Marya Smirnova race Dr. Karl von Kraft of the University of Heidelberg to discover the secret of the pyramid. (Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Pyramid - FCB)


Still a graduate student in France, Indy goes on a dig with Roland Walcott and other students. Indy discovers an underwater cave with Ice Age paintings and clay animals inside. Walcott learns of this and tries to steal the glory for himself, but disappears into an underground river during a struggle. He is presumed dead. (Indiana Jones and the Unicorn’s Legacy - B)


Indy finally completes his graduate studies at the Sorbonne and is hired for his first professional job at University of London. His job is to teach a summer archaeology course. On the way to London, Indy is troubled by several unpleasant “gifts” (black widows and scorpions) and thinks he is being followed. Once in London, the head of the Archaeology Department, Joanna Campbell, invites Indy on a dig in Whithorn, Scotland. The purpose of the dig is to confirm the legend of Merlin and to study Stonehenge. Indy also ends up romancing Joanna’s daughter, Deirdre. Indy’s mysterious follower is revealed as a British Parliament member working to revive the Druids. (Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants - B)


An Arab digger named Sallah Mohammed Faisel El-Kahir helps Dr. George Reisner survey the area around the Great Pyramid of Cheops. When Reisner’s photographer stumbles into an unknown tomb shaft, Sallah helps to excavate the 30 meter deep pit to find the tomb of the mother of Cheops, Queen Hetepheres.

Indiana Jones teams up with his old teacher Prof. Ravenwood, and Ravenwood’s daughter Marion, on a search for the headpiece to the Staff of Ra. During this adventure Indy befriends Sallah. Indy and Marion have a brief love affair, which causes a major falling out between Indiana and Prof. Ravenwood. (Indiana Jones and the Lost Horizon - DHCB)



Indy and Deirdre recover the mask of Camozotz and other artifacts during an expedition in Tikal, Guatemala. While leaving the Archaeological Zone, Jones is shot by a band of guerrillas that were planning on looting the site. (Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils - B)


Indy returns to New York to recover from a gunshot wound suffered in Guatemala. Marcus Brody gives Indy several pages from the journal of Colonel Percy Fawcett, an explorer gone missing in Brazil. Deirdre and Indy get married and she tags along. They are eventually captured by a lost tribe in the Amazon, the same people who captured the missing explorer. The residents of Ceiba (the kidnappers) need new blood or the magical abilities they use to veil their city will be lost. Indy, Deirdre and Fawcett escape, but their plane crashes, killing Deirdre and Fawcett. The death of his wife leaves Indy heartbroken. (Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils - B)


Indiana Jones takes some time off from his teaching position at the University of London because of the resent death of his wife. As a result, he is fired from his job in London. In response he leaves London and returns to Chicago to find a new job. He visits an old college friend, Jack Shannon, a jazz musician with family ties to organized crime. After their first reunion, Shannon convinces Indy to attend a lecture given by a Russian who claims to have climbed Mount Ararat and seen Noah’s Ark. While in Chicago, the Shannon Gang has a run in with a rival gang. Consequently, the Shannon’s nightclub, liquor hold as well as all their assets and territory fall to Capone and his gang. Jack and Indy join the expedition to the mountain after being chased out of Chicago by a group of Bolshevik spies. Once in Turkey a society known as the Janissary Corps attack Indy’s group and capture them. They are taken to the Janissary’s secret underground complex in Cappadocia. Indy recalls the adventure he had in Cappadocia, in 1914. The Janissary’s plan to kill Indy and his team, because they think the discovery of Noah’s Ark will herald the end of the world, but not before a little death game. During the game, Indy and his friends find a way to escape the underground city and the travel to Mount Ararat. After a long hard climb, filled with icy dangers, they manage to reach the site of the Ark. An avalanche occurs, saving them from the Janissaries, but at the cost of burying the Ark beneath tons of snow and ice. Any hope of its recovery is lost. (Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge - B)

“Short Round” is born in Shanghai.


Because of his lack of summer plans, Indy joins a dig on a small Latin American island republic, which was on the verge of a revolution. Indy becomes awfully sick, and is immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. While bed stricken in the hospital, other events were happing elsewhere in this country; a military coup attacked the islands government and all roads were closed. When the fighting subsided, the team returned to the dig site to find it destroyed by some soldiers who were looking for gold and jewels. This deeply distresses a native digger, who does not care about what side the soldiers were on, but only about his heritage that was destroyed before his eyes. Indy returns to the states, and he and Marcus have a discussion wither or not artifacts should be shipped to grand museums so they can be seen by the world, or if artifacts should be considered national treasures and remain in the country in which it was found.]



Indy spends the 1927-1928 school year teaching at a small New England college. Once classes end, he plans to resume studies with fellow archaeologist Mara Rogers (they met during the Southern France dig in 1924). Unfortunately, he receives a telegram announcing delays in their plans, so Indy heads off to Mesa Verde, Colorado to study the Anasazi ruins without her. His traveling companion, Jack Shannon, is kidnapped by Roland Walcott (long thought dead) who mistakes Jack for Indy. Walcott’s plan is to trade Indy (Jack) for Mara’s knowledge of a unicorn’s horn. Mara turns the tables on Walcott, saying that she will kill Indy herself before giving up the horn. Later, Marcus Brody and Indy work together with a fake horn to trick Mara out of the original. Once they recover the horn, Indy returns to the Anasazi ruins and replaces the horn in the crevice in which it was found, and seals the entrance with some dynamite. (Indiana Jones and the Unicorn’s Legacy - B)

[(Indiana Jones and the Dance of Shiva - ST)]



After spending a few weeks attempting to decipher the rongo-rongo tablets on Easter Island, Indy is contacted by Marcus Brody, who needs his help on an urgent situation. Brody’s brother-in-law, Hans Beitelheimer, has disappeared and Indy is asked to look for him. Indy discovers Beitelheimer’s fascination with a local myth of a ghost ship and is led on an adventure, which takes him to the dream-like “interior world” that is only accessible at sites called “navels of the world.” Indy eventually escapes, ending up on Liberty Island in New York City. (Indiana Jones and the Interior World - B)


While in the Yucatan Peninsula, Indiana Jones and his friend Swanson, an American geologist, are caught in a volcanic eruption. Indy starts searching for any trace of his friend. After an exciting search he finds the deathly ill man in the small village of a primitive Indian tribe. As the man lies dying, Swanson gives Indy a mysterious amulet in the shape of a feathered snake. (Indiana Jones and the Feathered Snake - EB)


Indy participates in the Jastro expedition in Iceland where he meets Sophia Hapgood. (Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - DHCB; VG)

[(Indiana Jones and the Ghost of the Future - ST)]


Indy is sent on a mission to discover the origin of mysterious flying discs which have been forcing down and destroying aircraft. Indy gathers together some other adventurers and they find and destroy the discs and the dirigible from which they are launched. (Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates - B)

Indiana Jones bounces back and forth between England and the United States. First, he completes some business at the University of London, and then accepts a teaching job at Princeton. He cycles back to England during a vacation to take flying lessons and has an adventure in the St. Brendan Glen area. The residents of this area practice Wicca, an ancient religion that is associated with magic and witches. He discovers that a friend of his instructor, Gale Parker, has Merlin’s scabbard, which protects from gunshot wounds. While Indy is taking the lessons, St. Brendan Glen goes under a sudden and swift terrorist attack in order to steal a map (with no writing, only terrain features) that was in possession of the people of St. Brendan Glen. Gale and Indy rush to the mysterious village and find that a massacre has taken place. Gale’s friend the magical Caitlin has survived, due to Merlin’s scabbard. Caitlin is vengeance crazed and will stop at nothing to get revenge for the deaths of her countrymen as well as her mother and father. She retrieves her father’s sword, believed to be Caliburn, the fighting sword of King Arthur. With the help of the University of London and Caitlin’s map they discover where the gold horde is and who the attacker is. Together they return to the United States once more on the trail of the valuable gold coins and the terrorist. Indy, Gale, Caitlin find the gold in a remote part of Florida, but the terrorists were in the area as well. Caitlin’s vengeance is stratified when she tracks down the terrorist and his team. (Indiana Jones and the White Witch - B)

On a train from Bombay, India to Calcutta, Indy rescues a woman named Kamala Seshan. In Calcutta, Indy meets his journalist friend Marya Smirnova and they begin a search for the City of Thunder. They meet Gandhi on their journeys and eventually find a temple to Kali where they rescue some imprisoned lepers. (Indiana Jones and the City of Thunder - FCB)

[(Indiana Jones and the Call of the Serpent - ST)]


[Indy goes to Madagascar at the request of a friend to rescue his daughter from the sultan, who stole her to turn into a concubine. In the process of saving his friend’s daughter, Indy recovers another object that the Sultan of Madagascar stole, this time from the Turkish Government at the National Museum at Constantinople - the Jewel of Heaven, a light blue sapphire, the largest in the world. The jewel was worn by the sultan on his crown. Upon his escape from the palace the Sultan of Madagascar threatens Indy with having something cut off if he ever returns to his country.]

Indy foils a museum heist in Kafiristan. (Indiana Jones and the Shrine of the Sea Devil - DHCB)

The Japanese bomb Shanghai killing “Short Round’s” parents.



Hitler’s fascination with the occult leads the Nazis to launch a global search for arcane artifacts.

Indiana Jones, Ph.D., excited by the fantastic finds emerging from the deserts and jungles of Middle America, travels south of the border, to Mexico, to make his mark on archeology. The stated purpose of his expedition is to survey a temple complex known as Site U, but no sooner have Indy and his colleague, Marcus Brody, set up headquarters in the little town of Lucasio than they realize more important issues are at stake. Everywhere they turn, thieves and scavengers, many calling themselves scientists, are ransacking historical sites and selling off their priceless treasures to the highest bidder. Soon Indy is embroiled in a dangerous contest, rushing to find a series of dazzling artifacts and get them into safe hands before his unscrupulous rivals can get a hold of them. The Nazis seemed to have launched a series of excavations for fabled treasures of the region. Indy must battle wits with Nazi generals, banditos, looters, private collectors, soldiers, natives, other archaeologists and explorers, devices left by the ancients themselves and even the Mexican environment, as he explores important sites and Archaeological Zones to recover ancient Mexican treasures and foil the plans of the bad guys. (Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures - VG)

Indy’s adventures in Mexico bring him to a Tepotzteco pyramid in search of a special Mazatec power key that the Nazis are looking for. (Indiana Jones and the Revenge of the Ancients - VG)

Indy learns that the amulet, given to him by Swanson in 1929, was once the property of a Maya high priest and is said to grant its wearer magical powers. Unfortunately, the only thing the amulet brings Indy is trouble when he is targeted by a hostile tribe who wants the amulet back in their possession. (Indiana Jones and the Feathered Snake - EB)


Indy searches Africa for a jeweled elephant mask, staying one step ahead of an unscrupulous rival archaeologist. (Indiana Jones and the Mask of the Elephant - FYFB)


[(Indiana Jones and the Road to Glory - ST)]


Indy and his Guatemalan guide, Bernabe, discover the lost city of Cozan in British Honduras. They make there way to the Sacred Well in the Temple of the Serpent, and discover the Crystal Skull, a sculpture from a previous and unknown civilization. Before they can make their exit, however, a bald Italian named Leonardo Sarducci takes the skull from them and leaves his gunman, Marco, to dispose of them. The timely entrance of a thirty-eight-foot anaconda results in Marco’s death and Indy and Bernabe’s escape. The two make their way back to San Pablo where Indy learns from Bernabe the curse of the Crystal Skull, whoever touches it will kill what he loves. (Indiana Jones and the Philosopher’s Stone - B)

While in Honduras local authorities accuse Indy of being a grave robber rather than an archaeologist. Indy would later claim that the newspapers greatly exaggerated the incident.

Indy resumes teaching at Princeton University where he and Marcus discuss the Voynich Manuscript. The manuscript, currently on loan at the rare book collection at Yale, is at least four hundred years old, was written in an unknown language by the alchemist Roger Bacon, and is reputed to hold the secret of the philosopher’s stone - which, according to legend, has the power to turn lead into gold and to grant immortality. All attempts to decipher the manuscript have failed. Marcus informs Indy that the manuscript has been stolen and that the FBI has been investigating the theft. Indy heads back to his office and is visited by the FBI agents Marcus spoke of. The FBI agents ask Indy if he could lend a hand with the Voynich case due to his past “unconventional” yet successful methods. They threaten to discredit Indy if he doesn’t cooperate, but Indy refuses to be intimidated and asks them to leave. Indy is called into the university chairman’s office to see Chairman Harold Gruber, who tells him that Indy has been fired from his teaching at Princeton due to his violations of British Honduras laws in search of “black-market treasure.” Indy goes to the American Museum of Natural History in New York to see Marcus who offers to put Indy up while he’s in the city. Indy decides to get a room on his own instead and ends up going to a rare book shop which has a room for rent.

Indy ends up talking the night away with the shop’s owner, Roger Cadman, who tells Indy how Voynich was a competitor of his. Indy learns that Sarducci had been by asking about the manuscript. On the trail of a missing British alchemist and an insane Renaissance scholar, Indiana Jones meets Alecia Dunstin, and it is love at first sight. Indy travels to Rome, where he learns that the stolen manuscript for which he is searching is actually a map to an ancient crypt, wherein lies the most magnificent discovery yet. (Indiana Jones and the Philosopher’s Stone - B)


Indiana Jones’s cousin comes to visit with him for the summer. Indiana Jones and his young cousin leave New York Harbor for Malekula, a tiny jungle island southeast of New Guinea. They are in search of a priceless carved ebony dove once worshipped by the natives, and rediscovered five or six years before by Abner Ravenwood, just before the natives chased him away. Legend has it that Horror Island is cursed, and that no one has ever escaped from the tangled jungles alive. Indy and his cousin encounter countless dangers: half-starved crocodiles swim at the end of violent rapids, dense jungles hide packs of wild, razor-tusked boars, and rat-filled pits are concealed within deep, mysterious tunnels. (Indiana Jones and the Curse of Horror Island - FYFB)

Deep in the mysterious Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, a journalist and his daughter, Lilah, are separated during a blinding snowstorm. He disappears without a trace. Lilah makes it back to civilization with a terrifying tale to tell - a tale of a Silver Tower that marks the entrance to a legendary village inhabited by giants. Indy and his cousin help Lilah in her search for her father, but somewhere beyond the snow-capped peaks and sheer, slippery cliffs, hideous, monstrous creatures dwell, bent on destroying anyone who dares to enter their sacred territory. They are assisted by Mohaji, the leader of their Sherpa guides. (Indiana Jones and the Giants of the Silver Tower - FYFB)]


Indy is intent on recovering the Crystal Skull to break its curse, which he believes will cause Alecia Dunstin’s death if he allows himself to fall in love with her. He learns that the Crystal Skull has surfaced in the black market in France. He reasons that the black market in antiquities in that area means that archaeologist and archrival Rene Belloq will be involved. He and Alecia track Belloq to Forteresse Malevil Marseilles in France, but Indy is captured by Belloq and the Daguerre brothers, Belloq’s two large henchmen. As the brothers beat Indy, Belloq tells him he had hoped they would meet under better circumstances. He has followed Indy’s career with interest and had even looked forward to the day they could work together. Indy tells him he came there to make him a deal; to buy the Crystal Skull from Belloq. Belloq tells him that the skull is no longer for sale. The buyer Belloq had already lined up arrives as a German U-boat surfaces. Belloq explains that the Nazis have launched a desperate effort to locate arcane treasures with supposed supernatural powers and the skull is high on their list. The captain of the U-boat, Wagner, signals for Franz Kroeger, a colonel in the newly formed Leibstandarte SS - Hitler’s personal guard, that they have landed. Kroeger completes the deal with Belloq, as Indy begins taunting Kroeger and the Nazi party. Kroeger orders Belloq to shoot Indy as he departs in the U-boat. Belloq gives the gun to one of the brothers and orders that he shoot Indy, however, as he fumbles with the safety Indy makes his escape in the water. Indy manages to grab hold of the muzzle of a gun on the deck of the departing submarine and secretly rides it out into the harbor where he then swims to shore. He meets up with Alecia on the shore, as the U-boat launches two torpedoes that destroy the fortress. Alecia tells Indy that she can’t stand facing death every day and has decided to leave him. (Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs - B)


After returning to Princeton University, Indy is persuaded by a beautiful missionary named Joan to search for her missing father, Professor Angus Starbuck, in Mongolia. Professor Starbuck has discovered a dinosaur bone in the Gobi Desert, but unlike other discoveries, this bone is not ancient. Indy, and his team, travels to China to gain proper provisions as well as permission to cross into the Gobi. While in China, Indy meets Wu Han and helps him gain his families cremated ashes from gangster Lao Che. Lao Che was holding many individuals ashes so they would do as he says, or the family would be dishonored for eternity. Wu Han, now free from the criminal underworld, joins Indy’s team to the Gobi. With his new friend, Indy crosses from China through a treacherous mountain pass to Outer Mongolia, where he runs afoul of the region’s fiercest warlords. Indy and Joan, who lied to him about being a nun in order to get him to help her, find her father living with the world’s last innocent people in a Stone Age paradise poised on the brink of destruction. Indy duels wild dogs and bloodthirsty killers in a desperate effort to save the most historic discovery of the twentieth century - the last living triceratops. Indy decides to return to the states as Joan and her father stay behind in the secret paradise to look after the triceratops and its eggs. Before leaving, Indy receives a gift of a knife from a descendant if Genghis Khan. (Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs - B)


With the help of coordinates supplied by Belloq, Indy tracks Wagner and Kroeger’s U-boat to a spot off the coast of Denmark where it had sunk, killing the entire crew, on its way to Berlin after striking a fjord. Indy dons a diving suit and finds the U-boat perched on a shelf overlooking a five-hundred-foot drop. Indy finds the skull, but the submarine shifts and starts to go over the edge. Indy barely manages to escape in time, but doesn’t manage to bring the canister containing the skull with him. Indy returns to the surface. As the submarine strikes the bottom of the gorge, its contents are freed and float to the surface. Indy watches at first hopeful and then in horror as one after another of identical canisters float to the surface. He tries to retrieve them as a score of them surface covering several acres of water, but the ones he retrieves turn out to be oil drums. The other canisters are swept away by the wind and the currents. (Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs - B)



Indy is now as determined as ever to recover the Crystal Skull. He comes up with a plan to find a rumored cash of Navaho gold in the American Southwest, and use that gold to pay his rival Rene Belloq in exchange for a transmitter that traces the exact position of the canister the Crystal Skull was being kept in, within a certain radius. Indiana Jones gets a mysterious visitor before he leaves for treasure hunting - an Arctic explorer who dies after giving him a box and implores his tale. Indy recovers the finds the gold after a bit of treasure hunting and meet a Danish adventurer named Ulla Tornaes. They travel to New Orleans, and meet Belloq during Mardi Gras. A truce is called for and the transaction takes place. Belloq gives Indy the coordinates to where the canister was last seen. Indiana Jones and Ulla join a pilot friend and a smart radio operator, and together they go to a spot in the ocean near Iceland. There they find a Nazi ship. Their wits get tested as they race with the Nazis to find the secret of the world beneath our feet, a place called Ultima Thule. The Nazis then kill Alecia Dunstin who was in their custody. The Nazis parish by some supernatural forces. Afterwards, Indiana Jones finally recovers the Crystal Skull, which was also in the custody of the Nazis. (Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth - B)

Abner Ravenwood is supposedly killed in an avalanche, during an expedition in Nepal.


Indy’s cousin is visiting him again for the summer and the two travel to Cairo, Egypt when two priceless mummies are stolen from the National Museum. An ancient cult has come back to life after a thousand years, but with a modern twist: laboratory cats are being trained to be vicious killers. The mysterious pyramids hold many other terrors. Deep within the maze of secret chambers and underground chasms, scorpions and snakes abound. Something else lurks in the shadows, as mummies emerge from age-old tombs to walk the earth. (Indiana Jones and the Cult of the Mummy’s Crypt - FYFB)]

After spending months planning a dig in the Rub al Khali Desert of Saudi Arabia, Indy discovers his arch-rival Dr. Rene Belloq has been there before him.

[(Indiana Jones and the Lost Crowns of Illyria - ST)]

Indiana Jones, using the knife he received from a descendant of Genghis Khan, locates the tomb of Qin in China. While exiting the tomb he is captured by the Japanese. With the aid of a traveling magician and her daughter, Indy manages to escape. Indiana Jones then agrees to help the two locate the magician’s missing husband. The trio follows the trail through the war-torn Orient, from Rangoon to Calcutta, to the Egyptian desert with a vengeance-crazed Japanese spymaster hot on their hells. They find out that the magician was searching for the Omega Book. They also find out that they need the Staff of Aaron to locate the fabled book. The trail leads them right to the Sphinx. The book is found in a chamber within the Sphinx. Indy discovers the fate of the missing magician written in the Omega Book. Indiana Jones decides to seal the chamber back up, because the time was not right to reveal the book. (Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx - B)

[(Indiana Jones and the Scepter of Moses - ST)]

Indiana Jones returns to the city of Cozan in British Honduras to return the Crystal Skull to its original location in the Temple of the Serpent. He replaces the Crystal Skull on its altar in an effort to be free of the trouble the skull has brought. (Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx - B)


[(Indiana Jones and the Secret of Nan Madol - ST)]

Indy is in the South Pacific, near the Marquesas Islands, searching for the underwater Shrine of the Sea Devil. He finds the shrine, filled with statues inlaid with pearl, but loses the treasure when a giant octopus destroys his ship. (Indiana Jones and the Shrine of the Sea Devil - DHCB)

Indy gets a hot tip about a certain artifact to be found on the island of Ceylon, which is now known as Sri Lanka. Ironically, it is Belloq that informs him of a rival that is after the same artifact; a German mercenary and adventurer by the name of Albrecht Von Beck. Indy locates the artifact in the middle of a sacred pool found within the ruins, guarded by an enormous crocodile! In a risky move, Indiana Jones baits the crocodile with his own body, and manages to trap him behind a large gate. He retrieves the artifact and gets out of the water, just as the crocodile breaks out of his cage. Von Beck finds Indy and forces him to relinquish the artifact. Indy agrees, but quickly takes Von Beck by surprise, taking the artifact back and throwing him in the water with the crocodile. Indy escapes Ceylon with his life and the artifact. Indy returns to Princeton, where he is greeted by a man named Marshal Kai, a representative from China’s Ministry of Culture, and his assistant, Mei Ying. The tomb of Emperor Ch’in Shih-huang-ti, China’s first Emperor, has been found. There is an artifact rumored to be found within the tomb called the Heart of the Dragon, a flawless black pearl with the power to change the will of men. A superstitious Chinese populace has postponed the excavation of the tomb, but the pearl still must be recovered before it falls in the wrong hands, for the Nazis are also after the pearl. A special artifact must be found before you may enter the tomb, but, alas, it is in three parts. One of those parts was found in Ceylon. Indy travels to a 15th century alchemist’s castle in Prague, and a Nazi excavation of the fabled palace of Belisarius in Istanbul. Once he finds a three pieces, Mei Ying informs Indy that Marshal Kai is actually the leader of the Black Dragon Triad. They have formed an alliance with Albrecht Von Beck (marred from his encounter with the crocodile). He commands a Gestapo regiment assigned with the recovery of artifacts. The two travel to Hong Kong to meet their friend Wu Han. Mei Ying is kidnapped by the Black Dragon Triad and all three pieces fall into Kai’s hands. Indiana Jones and Wu Han travel to the Peng Lai Mountains in the South China Sea, where Kai’s fortress is located. Here Indy comes across a temple where he finds an ancient Chinese weapon that Mei Ying said that he will need within the tomb. Mei Ying is rescued while Kai combines all three pieces of the artifact. Indy takes the artifact and he, Mei Ying and Wu Han open the emperor’s tomb. Inside they find many cunning traps. Marshal Kai and the Black Dragon Triad catch up with the group and they fight within the tomb. Von Beck, realizing that he has been double crossed, enters the tomb himself. Here he finds his demise. Indiana Jones locates the emperor’s crypt and takes the pearl; however the power of the pearl is too much for Indy to handle and it overwhelms him. Indy drops the pearl and it rolls right to Kai, who picks it up. Kai has been conditioned and can handle the power. Indy defeats Kai with the special sacred weapon, and the Heart of the Dragon rolls harmlessly into the abyss. The three head out of the tomb and back to safety. (Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb - VG)

Indiana Jones and his friend Wu Han are approached by a Chinese gangster named Lao Che. He asks them to find the ashes of Nurhachi, in exchange for a large jewel, and they agree. On their search, Indy catches “Short Round” picking his pocket; he takes the young orphan under his wing and makes him his “bodyguard”.

Indy brings the ashes of Nurhachi to Lao Che and his family of Chinese gangsters in exchange for a large diamond. The gangsters wish to keep both prizes, and they poison Indy. After a gunfight in a Shanghai nightclub, Indy recovers the antidote and escapes along with Willie Scott, an American nightclub performer, and Short Round, Indy’s young sidekick. Lao Che heads Indy off at the pass and sabotages Indy’s charter plan, which crashes somewhere in India. While traveling to Delhi, Indy comes across a poverty-stricken village which has lost its sacred, protective Sankara Stone. The villagers convince Indy to follow the trail of the thieves (who have also stolen the village’s children along with a sacred Sankara Stone), and he does. A short while later, he comes across the palace of the 13-year old Maharajah and a cult of Kali worshippers. He manages to defeat Mola Ram, the high priest of the cult, recover one of the three Sankara Stones and save the village’s children. (Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom - M; B; MCB)

On his way home, Indy discovers the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, a shrine to the god Mara. (Disney World Indiana Jones Adventure)

When Indy returns from Asia, he visits an old school buddy in Maine and they set off in search of the missing headband from a Celtic crown. They go to London, where Indy and his friends have several adventures. (Indiana Jones and the Avalon Inheritance - EB)

Indiana Jones resigns his teaching position at Princeton and takes up a new teaching position at Marshall College in Connecticut.

[(Indiana Jones and the Sword of Saint George - ST)


In Washington, D.C., Indy and a young summer intern at the National Museum meet with a European archaeologist named Mihail Tepes. Mihail is the last living member of the Royal Romanian family of Dracula. Mihail believes that his ancestor, the blood-thirsty Prince Vlad still lives as a result of drinking from the Cup of Djemsheed, a solid gold, jewel-encrusted cup stolen from a mosque in Persia during the sixteenth century and lost ever since. Indy, Mihail and the intern travel to Romania and visit castle Dracula in search of the cup. (Indiana Jones and the Cup of the Vampire - FYFB)


(Indiana Jones and the Lords of the Pendragon - ST)]



Indy receives an ancient alchemy book in the mail which provides clues as to the location of another Philosopher’s Stone. With his old friend Marya Smirnova, he discovers an underground installation run by Joost van Meert of the University of Rotterdam. (Indiana Jones and the Bad Old Book - FCB)

[Indy travels with a museum curator’s kid to Lake Titicaca to find a missing cargo plane at the request of reclusive millionaire Waldo Shyster-Haven. Indy’s friend and fellow archaeologist, Sir Reginald Brooksbank, was aboard the cargo plane along with the Pendant of the Incas, a golden necklace that once belonged to Manco Capac and which gave the Incan King power over life and death. (Indiana Jones and the Legion of Death - FYFB)]

Indy travels through the jungles of Peru to obtain a golden idol from the Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors. An old rival, Belloq, shows up at the end of the adventure and steals the idol from Indy by lying to the local Hovito tribesmen. ([Indiana Jones and the] RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK - M; B; MCB)

Government agents intercept a communique from Cairo to Berlin believed to be sent by Abner Ravenwood. Indy is consulted, since he has had past dealings with Ravenwood, and is asked to investigate the Nazi dig. He learns that they are looking for the headpiece to the Staff of Ra so that they can locate the Well of Souls, the resting place of the lost Ark of the Covenant. Indy beats the Nazis, both to the headpiece and to the Well of Souls. Ravenwood’s daughter, Marion, becomes Indy’s partner in the adventure and together they find the Ark. Belloq shows up again to steal the Ark for the Nazis (he is their lead archaeologist) but is killed by the powers of the Ark when he opens the Ark to get the tablets containing the Ten Commandments. The Ark is placed into storage in a secret government warehouse somewhere in Washington. ([Indiana Jones and the] RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK - M; B; MCB)

[Charlie Dunne, a former student, who claims to have found the Ikons of Ikammanen, is killed. Indy goes to Krikambo, a northeast African coastal town, to meet Charlie’s sister Edith. She is kidnapped by Solomon Black, and Indy and Edith are forced to find the ikons for him. When Nazis torpedo Black’s ship, Indy and Edith escape with an ikon. Indy finds out that Edith killed her brother to get all the credit for the find, so he leaves her to the vengeance of the ikon. (Ikons of Ikammanen - MCB)

Indy meets a man named Prospero, claiming to be four-hundred-years old, and his “two-hundred-year old” grandson. They are chased by suspicious local yokels, and at the same time try to prevent the Army from burying a special spring Prospero needs to concoct his elixir of immortality. In the end, the spring is buried, and Indy and Prospero go their separate ways. (The Devil’s Cradle - MCB)

Indy joins the “gateway project” in England, investigating a crystal cylinder discovered within a Stonehenge monolith. Indy works with an English woman, Professor Karen Mays. The Nazis are also after the secret of the discovery. Indy and Karen discover that the cylinder is the key to a dimensional gateway. The Nazis steal the cylinder and try to summon the beings from that dimension, but Indy and Karen stop them by destroying the cylinder. (Gateway to Infinity - MCB)

Marion Ravenwood opens the Raven’s Nest, a Manhattan nightclub, with Indiana Jones as a silent partner. The opening night festivities, featuring guest singer Frank Sinatra, are interrupted. Indy and Marion suspect gangster Emil Marko, but later catch their interior decorator, Jamal, sabotaging the club, and discover that he had been using the club as a cover for smuggling artifacts. (Club Nightmare - MCB)

Indy recovers a Piute summoning stone stolen from the National Museum by a ring of international artifact thieves, led by Ian McIver, with whom Indy had previously tangled over some tablets in Bangkok. In retrieving the stone, Indy also gets a map dealing with the movements of a clan of people called the Shintay, who supposedly split off from Atlantis. Indy and Marion travel to Cameroon in West Africa and head into the Congo. They meet a group of Nazis led by Colonel Vogel and Ian McIver, but all are captured by the Shintay, who explain that they were banished from Atlantis because they worship death while the Atlanteans revered life. Vogel tries to take a crystal power orb and destroys the entire Shintay citadel leaving only Indy, Marion, and McIver as survivors. (Africa Screams - MCB)

Sallah helps Indy recover the gold Chachapoyan idol, which was stolen from him in Peru by Rene Belloq, from the Black Market in Marrakech, Morocco. He delivers it to Marcus Brody and the National Museum, but it is stolen again by Xomez, a descendant of Chachapoyan warriors. Indy goes to Manaus, Brazil, to recover it. There he meets Ilsa Toht, sister of Ernst Toht, who tries to kill Indy. Indy recovers the idol, but Ilsa is lost at sea. (The Gold Goddess - MCB)

(Indiana Jones and the Golden Head - VG)

In Australia, Indy finds a calendar ring, an artifact from the Arnhelm cult that once lived near Sydney. While there he meets Ben Ali Ayoob, an artifact collector with many homes around the world that house his collections. Ayoob tries to hire Indy to find for him the fourth nail of the crucifixion of Christ, supposedly stolen from Golgotha by a gypsy, prompting the gypsies to believe that God forgives them for petty crimes. Indy declines Ayoob’s offer, but decides to go after the nail himself, for the National Museum. Indy goes to Barcelona, followed by Ayoob’s ismalis, finds Torino, a Spanish gypsy, and meets Marion, the National Museum’s new public relations officer. After fights in a cathedral and a bullring stock pen, Indy is shown the fourth nail. Ayoob’s ismalis try to steal the relic and are instantly killed, so Indy decides to return home empty handed. (The Fourth Nail - MCB)

Indy takes his advanced archaeology class on a field trip to the cliff dwelling Native American territory of Arizona. He stops the work of Busby Giles, who is destroying the ancient dwellings to build a criminal hideout. (Deadly Rock - MCB)

Harvey Poindexter, an accountant for the National Museum, finds in the museum basement a trunk with some remains and old bones from Mexico. The bones are thought to be the skeleton of an evil god, whose remains could influence one to evil. Harvey goes mad, and is killed trying to get away with the trunk. Indy recovers the remains, but not the bones. (Demons - MCB)

Indiana Jones flies with his pilot friend, Jock Lindsey, to photograph an abandoned Chinese temple on one of the Aleutian Islands. He then hires Simon Katanga’s ship, the Bantu Wind, to take him there. They are watched closely by Commander Kyoji Hiroto of the Japanese navy and Emeralda Vasquez, a pirate with a stolen U.S. Navy submarine. Emeralda captures the Bantu Wind, loads the temple’s treasures aboard, and destroys the temple. Indy captures the submarine and goes after Emeralda, but she signals the Japanese that the sub is attacking her ship. Indy escapes with the sub, and he and Katanga recapture the Bantu Wind. Emeralda returns to her sub, which is destroyed by the Japanese. (The Sea Butchers - MCB)

In search of Abner Ravenwood, Marion’s long-lost father, Indy and Marion travel to Greece, looking for one of Abner’s ex-partners. He puts them on the trail of another ex-partner, Andre Lafonte, who has a map to Ra-Lundi. Marion steals the map, and she and Indy travel to Ra-Lundi. The city is warmed and protected by a glowing meteorite, called F’han-Tal by the people. F’han-Tal has the power to heal, but exposure to it for more than a day or so causes total dependence on it, so Indy, with the help of a masked white man who is possibly Abner Ravenwood, destroys the stone, releasing the people from their dependence on it. (The Search for Abner - MCB)

Indiana Jones receives a letter from Professor Kobayashi in Japan, which reports that a Japanese expedition has discovered a dragon frozen in the Himalayas. The letter also indulges that Japan’s military has decided to attempt to use the creature. Indy travels to the Himalayas and then to Japan. He releases the dragon from the military, and with a pre-Indic incantation returns the creature to its frozen home in the Himalayas, where it is worshipped by the descendants of prehistoric cave dwellers. (Dragon by the Tail - MCB)

The National Museum’s Arnham calendar ring is replaced by a fake, and Marcus Brody is blamed. Indy discovers that a Cuban arms dealer named Joan Soto is responsible, and Indy, Marcus and Marion go to Havana to question him. Indy learns that Soto is working for Ben Ali Ayoob (The Cuban Connection - MCB)

Indy, Marcus and Marion go to Merthyr Tydfil, a small village in South Wales, looking for Austin “Cutter” Coleridge, an old college pal of Marcus Brody, who can help them find Ben Ali Ayoob. Ayoob hired Coleridge to unearth the Lucifer Chamber, rumored to be the gateway to hell, and obtain the fabled “Devil’s Heart,” an amulet said to contain the very soul of Satan. Coleridge, however, believes that the Lucifer Chamber is the doorway to Agharta, the fabled city at the earth’s core, where all things are made of gold. He believes that the ancient druids were really alchemists who discovered the philosopher’s stone; in fact, Coleridge’s left hand is sold gold from having once held the philosopher’s stone. Coleridge breaks through the doorway and is absorbed by an occultic force which destroys the chamber. (Beyond the Lucifer Chamber - MCB)

Indy, Marion and Marcus travel to Switzerland to retrieve the Arnhem ring from Ben Ali Ayoob. Ayoob is vaporized by the contents of a box known as the Devil’s Heart. Indy recovers the Arnhem ring and the group returns to Connecticut. (End Run - MCB)

Indy goes after the crown of Rurick, proof that Vikings sailed as far away as the South Pacific. Kaloo, the island where it was last seen, is controlled by a self-proclaimed potentate named Lord Harry. To gain access to the island, Indy answers an ad from Gold Star Films for a stuntman to dive off a waterfall in the South Pacific. Indy gets the crown, and helps the film crew escape from Lord Harry and his men. The crown turns out to be a fake. (The Secret of the Deep - MCB)

Indy is attacked by a gang led by Sigfried Klexx, a crooked archaeologist. While investigating, Indy stows aboard their ship, the Capricorn Queen, and finds himself in Central America. He rescues a prisoner on board named Julia Valdez, but Klexx recaptures them both and attempts to use Julia in a deadly ceremony at an ancient structure containing gems, precious metals and artifacts. Indy escapes and rescues Julia, and the structure self-destructs, killing everyone nearby. (Revenge of the Ancients - MCB)

Indy goes to the Peruvian Andes to meet Jessie Hale, who has uncovered a stone slab that reveals the location of the El Dorado treasure. Ivar Reiss, the rebellious son of wealthy industrialist Edgard Reiss, forces Indy and Jessie to lead him to the El Dorado. It turns out to be an Incan trap, and Reiss and his men are buried under a mountain of rubble. (Good as Gold - MCB)

Indy finds what might be an Atlantean artifact in the Caribbean, and Short Round, who has been in a boarding school, helps him escape with it from a Latin American military patrol boat. The artifact turns out to be merely a ballast weight. Elizabeth Cody asks Indy to help recover a pair of gold-plated, pearl-gripped revolvers given to her grandfather, William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, by the Czar of Russia. She suspects that the revolvers were stolen by the Russian Count Salkovich. While Indy and Beth are in Southern Ukraine, they are kidnapped by Cossacks who help recover the revolvers. (Trail of the Golden Guns - MCB)

Alec Sutherland, a student of the late Dr. Arthur Hecht (of whom Indiana Jones is also a former student), asks Indy to help carry on Hecht’s work. He was investigating the Tower of Tears in Iran, one of the seven fabled towers scattered across the earth harboring sorcerers who seek to chant the world to destruction. Indy and Alec find the tower. The sorcerer who lives there claims to be the only one, and he dies in an explosion. (Tower of Tears - MCB)

Indy goes to San Francisco to pick up Chinese mummy for the National Museum. He is attacked by Chinese gangsters who want to preserve the remains of their ancestor. Indy is rescued by Jessie Hale, whose brother, Peter, brought the mummy over from China. The Irish Republican Army is also after the crate, which is supposed to contain guns for them in place of the mummy. In fact, the crate contains the body of Patrick McManus, the IRA’s agent in China. Michael Cobb of the IRA decides to take Indy to China to help hunt down Weng Ho, the Chinaman who double crossed them. (Shot by Both Sides - MCB)

Indy travels to China with Michael Cobb of the IRA. Indy is looking for a stolen Chinese mummy, and Cobb is looking for stolen guns for his cause. Indy and Cobb gain access to the stronghold of Weng Ho, a revolutionist with plans to overthrow Chiang Kai-Shek. Cobb and Ho are killed and Indy returns to the U.S., sending the mummy ahead. (Fireworks - MCB)

Returning from China, Indy stops in the state of Washington, where he meets big game hunter “Congo” Kate Crawford, who is hunting for Bigfoot. Her Native American guide, Robert Thundercloud, is accused by Sheriff Hyatt of murdering a bartender in town. It turns out that Hyatt is a spy for the Japanese and Thundercloud is a FBI agent. (Big Game - MCB)

A young woman, posing as Miss Victoria Keith of the British Museum, uses Indy to gain access to the National Museum where she steals an amulet related to Dr. Hecht’s seven sorcerers. She escapes by plane with the amulet and is later identified as a thief for hire named Amanda Knight. (Double Play - MCB)


Indy follows Amanda Knight to England. Scotland Yard directs him to the Orkney Islands north of Scotland. There Indy finds Amanda and also discovers that the local lighthouse keeper, Ian Soames, is one of the seven sorcerers, and has the amulet Amanda had stolen for him. (Magic, Murder, and the Weather - MCB)

In a showdown between Ian Soames and Indiana Jones, Soame’s lighthouse is destroyed and Soames is lost. Indy recovers the amulet and returns to Connecticut. (Something’s Gone Wrong Again - MCB)]

Indy gets a new job at Barnett College in New York, but losses the Archaeology 101 course to Francesca Uribe Del Arco, a Peruvian woman who studied at Harvard, Yale and the Sorbonne. She shows Indiana a package that she received from her brother which contains a sacred Incan artifact, the Finger of Gold. Francesca and Indy both receive a sabbatical, and Marcus agrees to substitute for them until they return. Together, Indy and Francesca head off to locate the Golden Arms or Arms of Gold, believed to have belonged to the Inca Emperor Pachacuti, which are also part of the same mummification case used by the Incas. (Indiana Jones and the Arms of Gold - DHCB)


Millionaire Industrialist Walter Donovan sends a team of engineers to excavate for copper in the mountain region north of Ankara. While there they unearth a damaged stone tablet believed to be one of two markers that give the location of Holy Grail.

[(Indiana Jones and the Monkey King [Indiana Jones and the Garden of Life] - S)


The legends say that whoever possesses the crystal Eye has the power to see and even change the future. In the wreck of an ancient ship off the coast of Greece, Indy finds pieces of Perseus’ golden shield, which contains clues to the location of this mysterious eye. Unfortunately, reporters reveal his astonishing discovery. The son of Indy’s museum curator friend accompanies him on his desperate mission to find the Eye and keep it from falling into the wrong hands. They travel from Mount Olympus to distant Japan searching for the artifact. They are constantly in jeopardy, as they are pursued by ruthless villains eager to exploit the power of the Eye. (Indiana Jones and the Eye of the Fates - FYFB)

(Indiana Jones and the Golden Voyage - ST)


(Indiana Jones and the Valkyrie Sword - ST)

(Indiana Jones and the Serpent of Evil - ST)

(Indiana Jones and the Key of Solomon - ST)

(Indiana Jones and the Foundation Stone - ST)


(Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Valley - ST)]


Indiana Jones finally catches up to the man who “acquired” the Cross of Coronado back in 1912. He takes back the cross so it will end up in a museum display case and not into some private antique collection. Afterwards, he returns to his job at Barnett College and is contacted by collector of antiquities and museum benefactor, Walter Donovan. He informs Indy that his father, Henry Jones Sr., disappeared during a search for the Holy Grail. Indiana travels to Italy and joins forces with another archaeologist, Elsa Schneider. Together, they find several other clues concerning the Grail, and eventually determine its actual resting place. Elsa and Donovan are revealed to be Nazi spies when Indy finally locates his father. They steal Henry Jones Sr.’s Grail Diary and leave the father and son team captive. The Joneses escape, retrieve the diary in Berlin, and barely catch up to the Nazis in the hunt for the Grail. They are joined by Sallah and Marcus Brody. Indiana Jones recovers the grail after passing three “tests” which are actually booby traps. The final test was to choose the correct grail from a horde of grails. Donovan is struck down and dies after drinking from a false grail. Indiana Jones uses the healing power of the Holy Grail to save his shot father. Unfortunately, the Grail is lost when Elsa attempts to take it beyond the seal of the temple where the Grail was found. (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - M; B; MCB)

[While traveling in the desert, Indiana Jones, Henry Jones Sr., Sallah and Marcus are captured by some Nazis who ran out of the grail temple before it collapsed. They insist on finding the grail again for Hitler. Jones, his father, and Sallah are put to work, excavating in the grail temple, while Marcus is being held prisoner. When the temple collapses once more the trio make their escape to get Marcus and return home.

Once back in the United States and safely home, Marcus visits his old friend Henry Sr. The two of them talk about their latest adventure as well as discuss the classics.

(Indiana Jones and the Aeolian Harp - ST)

On vacation in Venice with his young cousin, Indy meets an old friend, Giacomo Andrini, who claims to have found Marco Polo’s diaries. Indy outwits one of Mussolini’s fascists and goes to Mongolia. There he meets Mongolian bandits led by a woman named Bortay. (Indiana Jones and the Gold of Genghis Khan - FYFB)

(Indiana Jones and the Lost Voyage - VG)

(Indiana Jones and the Lost Kingdom - VG)

(Indiana Jones and the Lost Cross - ST)

(Indiana Jones and the Green Death - ST)

(Indiana Jones and the Golden Death - ST)

(Indiana Jones and the Shadow of Death - ST)

(Indiana Jones and the Bedouins of the Sea - FCB)]

Indiana’s next adventure takes him on a dig in China, near the site of an ancient monastery. He unearths a stone tablet inscribed in an ancient language, but he cannot decipher it. From the monks, he learns that the tablet tells of a covenant left by Buddha himself, perhaps the one true key to the state of Nirvana. He also learns that the Japanese are after the tablet so they could unite all the Buddhist factions throughout Asia and control the destiny of the world. Indiana Jones follows the trail that was left by Buddha’s disciples to many holy places and sacred sites in the Orient. Indy’s search for the scrolls takes him through India, Afghanistan, Tibet, China, and even to Shangri-La. (Indiana Jones and the Thunder in the Orient - DHCB)

Indy’s friend, John Penniman, is killed by someone looking for something called the Dragon of Vengeance. Indy goes back to China in search of it, and is followed by a persistent young kid from New York City. Penniman’s servant, Lo Cheng, reveals that the Dragon of Vengeance had been unearthed and two Chinese societies, the Golden Lotus and the White Tigers, are battling for it. Indy confronts the Golden Lotus leader in an ancient mountain temple. (Indiana Jones and the Dragon of Vengeance - FYFB)


Dr. Roger Ballentyne has found what appears to be a map to the fabulous, long-lost treasure of the Queen of Sheba. Dr. Ballentyne’s latest project, a new diamond laser capable of cutting through the hardest materials in a fraction of a second, has attracted the attention of the Fascist Italian forces occupying Ethiopia. They kidnap him in an attempt to possess the treasure and the laser. Indy and Ballentyne’s son, George, journey to Ethiopia to rescue the doctor and find the lost treasure. (Indiana Jones and the Lost Treasure of Sheba - FYFB)]


A mysterious stranger arrives at Barnett College with an ancient key. Indiana looks up a former colleague, Sophia Hapgood, who has quit archaeology to become a “psychic.” Together, they determine that the key is part of a dig that unearthed treasures from the lost continent of Atlantis. Continuing that quest, they travel around the world, adventuring in the Maya ruins of Tikal and the labyrinth of the Minotaur in Knossos, before finding all of the pieces of the key to Atlantis. Just as they do, the Nazis arrive, intent on plundering Atlantis for their own gains. They nearly succeed, but ancient magics kill the Nazis and place Atlantis out of reach once more. (Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - DHCB; VG)

Indy finds himself in the Sargasso Sea, the legendary “ship graveyard” in the Atlantic. Once there, Indy discovers a community of stranded survivors and descendants who have based their lifestyle on the pirates of history. Indy finds artifacts from nearly every known sea-going culture, but spends most of his time just trying to escape. (Indiana Jones and the Sargasso Pirates - DHCB)

[(Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Stones - ST)


(Indiana Jones and the Unrevealed Heart - ST)

(Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth - VG)


Archaeologist Billie Simpson was leading a dig for Malaysian artifacts on Howling Island off the coast of Eastern China when her expedition was raided by a crazed scientist, who threatened to kill them all. Barely escaping with her life, Billie desperately wants to return to the island to find her brother. Indy and his young cousin run into Billie on a seaplane heading to a tropical island known as the Marianas. Billie asks for Indy’s help and he agrees to accompany her. On Howling Island they encounter vicious attack dogs, a nation of brainwashed six-hundred-pound gorillas and a dangerous, demonic man, named Dr. Foster McCray, with wicked ideas for some very hideous experiments. Over the years the apes have built a huge wall of ape skulls and the wind blowing through the gaping mouths and empty eye sockets causes the howling for which the island is named. In a double cross, Indy learns that Dr. Foster McCray is actually Billie’s brother. (Indiana Jones and the Ape Slaves of Howling Island - FYFB)

(Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold - ST)]

Indy is hired by the US Government to lead an expedition to an iceberg near Greenland to uncover an ice-encased Viking longship. The Germans are also interested in the ice wall, since it contains a strange disc of unearthly origin. The disc is freed, revealing itself to be a airship which destroys the Nazi submarine. The US rescue team arrives barely in time to save Indy’s group from the longship, which sinks back beneath the surface of the water. (Indiana Jones and the Longship of the Gods - EB)

When he returns to the states, Indiana rescues a colleague, Petryk, from Chicago mobsters, and then goes to Utah to check on some seemingly contradictory information about the Anasazi culture. After a few adventures with the mobsters, Indy meets with some of the supposedly extinct Anasazi before he finally returns to Barnett College. (Indiana Jones and the Lost People - EB)


Germany invades Poland. World War II begins in Europe.


[(Indiana Jones and the Hourglass Book - ST)]

Indy has a dance with death on an island in the Indian Ocean. During an observation of native worshippers, many of them become ill with an outbreak of the plague. The source of the plague is the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, who is releasing his evils upon the world. Indy fights some zombies and barely escapes an earthquake which hits the area, killing the Horseman. (Indiana Jones and the Dance of Death - DHCB)

[(Indiana Jones and the Jungle Queen - DHCB)

(Indiana Jones and the Ghost of Shaka Zulu - ST)


(Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Nile - ST)

(Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Phoenix - ST)]



Indy returns to Greece again, this time near Mycenae. He begins work at a British site, but a German invasion of the area causes the British to abandon the dig, leaving Indy alone. On his own, he discovers an artifact which verifies the existence of the legendary Golden Fleece. There is a scuffle with some cultists and they steal the artifact. Indy meets a big time antiquities dealer and amateur archaeologist from the Netherlands, named Daan van Rooijen. He has traced the lineage of the Golden Fleece from Greece, to Colchis, back to Greece, then to the Romans and it finally ended up in the hands of the Ottomans. Daan, convinced that the fleece is still in Istanbul, locates some records and finds that the fleece was auctioned to another antiquities dealer in Istanbul. They find him and buy the fleece. The cultists return and steal the fleece, then travel to Colchis to perform a ceremony. During the ceremony the cultists are destroyed and the Golden Fleece disappears. (Indiana Jones and the Golden Fleece - DHCB)


Indiana Jones is a man who does not forget. 16 years ago, Professor Basil saved his life and now as a wire from Istanbul reaches him, it’s his chance to return the favor. But as he arrives in Turkey, his friend is suddenly missing. All the tracks lead to Egypt. In the shadows of the pyramids, Indiana Jones meets an ancient, cruel force, who waited centuries to be released. (Indiana Jones and the Labyrinth of Horus - EB)


At a reception at the Russian Embassy in Washington, Indy prevents a bomb attack which was set up by Japanese agents, and saves the life of a commissar, Tamara Jaglova, who happens to be looking for someone to lead an expedition to examine the grave of Genghis Khan. After several dangerous encounters with the Japanese, they recover Genghis Khan’s sword. Unfortunately, the sword is cursed and its power prevents Indy from parting with it. At a critical moment, Indy manages to toss it into the air, while an enemy grabs the sword, and then plunges into the abyss. (Indiana Jones and Genghis Khan’s Sword - EB)


Following the outbreak of World War II, the German Navy sets up a network of U-boat bases in the South Seas. An American secret agent, Jonah, obtains a sketchy map detailing their locations, and it eventually reaches Washington. Soon after, the government calls in Indiana to solve the mystery of the map. He does, but Jonah is killed before the secret base on the Easter Islands is destroyed. (Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Easter Islands - EB)

[(Indiana Jones and the Ark’s Return - ST)]


The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, causing the United States to enter into the Second World War


[Henry and Indy are distressed and troubled when, long time friend of the family and colleague, Marcus Brody is killed over a dispute at the American Museum of Natural History. Indy punishes himself for not doing anything to prevent Marcus’s death, for he felt that, somehow, he had brought this upon his old friend.

(Indiana Jones and the Tale of the Two Tales - ST)]


Professor Korda, a friend and colleague of Indiana Jones, is caught aboard a plane in a storm over the Bolivian rainforest. Just before he has to make a forced landing, he makes a sensational discovery: A valley that seems to be covered with pure gold! To reveal the secret of this meteor crater he needs the help of Indiana Jones. Indy comes to the conclusion that Korda has found the legendary gold treasures of El Dorado. But the treasure is cursed. Anyone who touches it falls ill and dies a very painful death. (Indiana Jones and El Dorado’s Gold - EB)

[(Indiana Jones and the City of the Clouds - ST)



(Indiana Jones and the Heritage of Time - VG)]


In a last ditch effort, Hitler sends agents to Britain and Ireland in search of the spear which pierced the side of Christ on Good Friday. It is believed that the spear would make the army that wields it invincible if make a shaft from the tree rooted from the original thorn from Christ’s crown. However, one of the agents has his own plans for the spear, and when he is defeated by Indiana and the “True King of Ireland,” Hitler loses his prize. (Indiana Jones and the Spear of Destiny - DHCB)


World War II ends in Europe.


World War II ends in the Pacific.



(Indiana Jones and the Terror of Nepal - ST)

Indiana Jones goes to Russia at the request of the Soviet government to evaluate ancient artifacts. He unearths an artifact which tells of the design of the Philosopher’s Stone; a stone containing the secret for turning base metal into gold and bringing inanimate objects to life. Indy sets off to three churches, which are said to hold the three pieces of the stone. He finds the first piece from a cathedral in the Soviet Union. Indy then travels to Ireland where he obtains the second piece from a coven of witches. He heads to Tibet after the third piece. Indy gets the third piece of the famed Philosopher’s Stone in his grip, but only for a moment; first it is taken from him by the hand of the Russian military, and then by mysterious remnant Nazis. Indy is warned that the stone, once re-formed, can tip the balance of life and death and be used for hideous and evil purposes. He follows the mysterious Nazis, to stop them from bringing their dead back to life, and unleashing the undead army on the world. Indy uses the stone to stop them. (Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix - DHCB)]


[(Indiana Jones and the Sons of Darkness - S)

Tragedy strikes Indiana Jones again when his father, Henry Jones Sr., passes away.]

Indiana Jones, exhausted by conflicts, is trying to resume his digging career in the American Southwest, far from the excitement of his treasure-hunting past. Fortunately for Indy’s adventurous soul, the world is still a dangerous place. The Soviet Union has slammed an Iron Curtain down across Europe, provoking the Cold War that will occupy East and West for half a century. Communist agents are everywhere, searching for a weapon to tip the balance of power in their favor. And they may have found something in the desert ruins of Babylon, the legendary Tower of Babel. Gennadi Volodnikov, an unorthodox Russian scholar and physicist, thinks the tower once housed a machine to reach across the dimensions of space and time, inspired by the winged god Marduk. When gears began to clatter, alarmed Babylonians toppled the tower, scattering four of Marduk’s disciples, and parts of the machine, to the far corners of the globe. Sophia Hapgood, now an agent in the newly formed CIA, finds Indy in the American Southwest and tells him about the situation at the ruins of Babylon. Indy, looking for adventure, agrees to help the CIA, and he meets Sophia’s boss, Simon Turner. Indy races the Soviets to recover the parts of the “infernal machine.” Indy finds all of the parts, but is caught by the Soviets and forced to give up the parts. Volodnikov, back in Babylon, could not seem to get the machine started. Turner and Sophia turn up and Volodnikov escapes. Indiana Jones rearranges the parts of the machine and it starts to work. Turner now wants to unleash the power of the machine on the world so that the United States would have global domination. Jones stops Turner before he can activate the machine and the machine is destroyed. (Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine - VG)

[(Indiana Jones and the Saucermen from Mars - S)]

At a certain trading post, Indiana Jones comes across a secret map that speaks of a previously unknown antechamber in the Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors. He purchases the map and returns to Peru. Indiana Jones then finds the antechamber and the idol that was within the chamber. Just as the fertility idol, this idol also springs a trap that Indy successfully dodges. He leaves the temple safely, with idol in hand. This time Belloq cannot steal his find as he did the last time. (Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine - VG)


(Indiana Jones and the Tomb of Ice - S)


(Indiana Jones and the Sword of Arthur - S)

(Indiana Jones and the Amulet of Sight - ST)]