Game History of the Emperor's Tomb

What is the History of the Emperor's Tomb?

In 221 B.C. a savage and brilliant warlord named Ch'in Shih-huang-ti annihilated all opposition and declared himself the First Emperor of China. Shortly after his inauguration, Chi'in surrounded himself with an army of alchemists and astrologers whom he set to work night and day, reading the stars and searching for a mystical means to grant him eternal life.

In 218 B.C. a meteroite fell from the sky in China's Shensi province. Imperial astrologers traveled to the impact site, and discovered that an inscription foretelling of the Emperor's death covered the meteorite. The following year, the Emperor ordered the construction of a fabulous tomb complex of incredible size (8 miles in circumference).

Emperor Ch'in died in 211 B.C. and his body was placed in the completed tomb along with 20-30,000 people including thousands of the Emperor's fanatically loyal warriors. To this day, the tomb's inner sanctum has never been opened, and Chi'in's body has never been found.