Greg's Review on the Temple of Doom

By Greg Kulevich

If you are into arcade type games, where the object of the game is to get the highest score then this game is for you. I have not completed the game myself, but from what I saw of it, Temple of Doom for Nintendo looks like a game where you go around collecting points. For every Thuggee you kill and for every child that you rescue you are awarded points. Then it is on to the next wave (stage) where you do the same thing.

This game is one big maze that can be confusing. There are many doors on each wave. And which wave you go to depends on which door you choose. Each wave has different scenery, which is nice, but basically you do the same thing over and over again; kill Thuggees and rescue children until your score reaches a grand total of 99,999,999,999, or whatever it is.

You have four weapons in this game to help you kill Thuggees and rescue children (which is cool). Each weapon also does a specific function (which is also cool). Your whip lets you swing on support beams. Your sword can be used to chop wood crates and bars. Your gun kills Thuggees with one shot. And something new, you can pick up some grenades to blow up the lava. This clears the road of lava.

Graphics: 3 out of 5

Keep in mind that this is original Nintendo. So the graphics will not be too great.

Sound: NA

For lack of information, I cannot make a judgment on the sound.

Controls: 2 out of 5

Because of the number of actions that you need to do during each wave, the controls suffer. Sometimes you need to switch from whip to grenade to sword in a few seconds of time to avoid falling in the lava. This is very difficult to do and takes practice. Practice switching your weapons.

Fun: 3 out of 5

High score games are not my favorite type of game. I found my self going around and around in circles many times, often returning to a wave that I already completed because that was where the doors lead. I have not finished Temple of Doom for Nintendo, but if you have questions I will still try to help you.