Greg's Review Greatest Adventures

By Greg Kulevich

What is unique about Greatest Adventures is that tThis game is basically three games in one! Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures covers the entire Indiana Jones Trilogy: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom and Last Crusade. Many Indiana Jones fans that I know want a game based on one of the movies of the trilogy. This game is your best bet. It is for the Super Nintendo, so no super 3-D graphics, just a lot of 2-D fun!

Warning: this game is very difficult. I could not beat it myself on the Super Nintendo. I found myself having to go back to previous levels, just so I could get more 1 ups. The only way I beat this game was to download it on an emulator (so you can save). That is another thing. There is no save feature on this game, just passwords (that change each time you beat the game, or start over).

This game also features pictures and sound bits from the movies of the trilogy. This is an awesome feature and makes it very fun to play this game. Cool!

Now for a trick. Choose an action scene from the Indiana Jones trilogy. Go ahead, any action scene. Think of it in your head, and don’t tell me. You almost have a 99% guarantee that it will be in this game! Check it out. For those people who would like to know what this games offers, I will outline all of the action scenes now. Just so you will know what you are getting into. (And if you play this game, you will be up to your necks in action! Fun, but at times, very difficult.)

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
    • Peru
      • Temple of the Chachapoyan warriors.
      • Escape the temple with the idol (Boss: Escape the giant rolling bolder)
    • Nepal
      • Snowy Fields
      • The Raven bar on fire (Boss: Toht)
    • Cairo
      • The Basket Game (Mini boss: Cairo Swordsman)
      • Streets of Cairo (Boss: A Horse Cart Driver and German Mechanic)
      • The Streets
    • Tanis
      • The German Dig Site
      • The Well of Souls
      • Find the Ark
      • Escape the Well of Souls
    • Secret Nazi BAse
      • Island
      • Final boss: Defeat Belloq at the Ark alter
  • Temple of Doom
    • Shanghai
      • Club Obi-Wan (Boss: avoid gunfire and find the antidote)
      • Streets of Shanghai
      • Mt. Humol
      • Moutain slopes (Boss: guide the rubber raft down the moutain)
    • Pankot Palace
      • Pankot Palace Interior
    • Temple of Doom
      • Rescue the Children
      • Escape the Temple of Doom (Boss: mine cart chase)
      • Final boss: Defeat Mola Ram on the rope bridge
  • Last Crusade
    • Venice
      • Escape the Catacombs
      • Castle Brunwald
      • Save Henry
      • Escape from Castle Brunwald
    • Zeppelin
      • Escape the Zeppelin
      • Escape in the biplane (Boss: Destroy 10 Messerschmitts)
    • Turkey
      • The Deserts Near Iskenderun (Boss: Defeat Col. Vogel on the Tank before the tank goes off the cliff)
      • Grail Temple
      • The Three Trials
      • Final Boss: Defeat Donovan's skeleto

Graphics: 4 out of 5

The graphics are not the best, but the clips from the films make up for it. Also, often times during the game, there are many enemies on the screen and that kinda makes the graphics confusing.

Sound: 4 out of 5

Remember all of your favorite tunes from the movies? They are back! The sound quality is okay. But sometimes the track comes at some inopportune times, such as the Basket Game song in Pankot Place. That does not bother me though.

Controls: 4 out of 5

Controls were fine with the Super Nintendo controller. Just many buttons, and many actions that you have to perform (usually within a short period of time).

Fun: 5 out of 5

Even this game was very hard, it is also fun. It was a pleasure to guide Indy through the greatest action scenes from the movies. Just the way the game is presented makes this a great game to play. Relive the adventures! Play this game.