Indiana Jones 4 Rumors

Harrison Ford reveals title of Indy 4? (June 3rd, 2005)

AICN received a letter from someone named Xorn, who said he met Harrison Ford at a DNC fundraiser. He allegedly talked to Ford and when he asked about Indy 4 Ford apparently dropped the working title: Indiana Jones and the Opal of the Mer-Man Prince.

Initial reactions included shock, anger, and spontaneous fits of laughter. We speculated that this was just a joke from Ford, who has always had a good sense of humor. And indeed, Spielberg debunked this rumor later that month, stating in an interview with

"I'll dispel one rumour... I think Harrison was so pulling your chain when he said that. That is not the title. I read that and I cracked up", says Spielberg. "That's Harrison, he's got a great sense of humour and I love the fact that it got on the internet and everyone thinks that's the title, but that's not the title."

Rumor Status: Debunked

Next Indy Video game to have fourth film tie-ins (May 19th 2005) posted a very intriguing article about the next Indy game, which is set to be released on next generation consoles in 2007. The game will take place in the 30’s and the Nazis are returning as bad guys. We also know that locations will be varied from China to San Francisco and bits and pieces of the Indy 4 storyline will be involved.. Also, LucasArts are trying to make the game more like the films, in the sense that Indy doesn’t use his whip every other minute. Maybe this will even pass Fate of Atlantis as the greatest Indy game ever made.

Rumor Status: Open

Scarlett Johansson to appear in Indy 4? (March 8th, 2005)

An unnamed source told that Johansson would appear as Indy’s “sexy sidekick” in the upcoming film. Here’s the full report:

"Steven was discussing how there are not many young actresses who can carry off such a strong role. "He considered Natalie Portman but she's too associated with 'Star Wars'. So Tom suggested Scarlett who he has been working with on 'Mission Impossible 3'. She is said to be really interested, but nothing has been decided yet."

This was quickly debunked, as Johansson’s agent has told us that this is absolutely not true. So this one is just the product of someone’s overactive imagination.

Rumor Status: Debunked

David Koepp the cause for the Indy 4 delays? (February 24th, 2005) posted some quotes from Steven Spielberg where he stated that if it weren't for David Koepp, War of the Worlds may never have happened. This may lead some to think that if it weren't for Koepp, Indiana Jones 4 might have gone into production over a year ago. Here's an excerpt from the article:

"Ever since "Last Crusade" thrilled us in 1989, we've been wondering which bad guy would try to take down Indiana Jones next. Now, we may finally have the name of our villain: veteran screenwriter David Koepp. "This wouldn't have happened so fast if it had not been for David Koepp," said Steven Spielberg about "War of the Worlds," the Koepp-penned script whose production took Spielberg's attention away from a fourth Indiana Jones adventure. "We go through the whole development process all the time, making movies, and sometimes you're really intent to make a picture, like I was with Indy 4. [But] my producer didn't like the script as much as I did. My intention was to make Indy 4 a year and a half ago, but it didn't work out. Now I'm hoping to make it a year and a half from now.""

We feel blaming one single person currently might be a bit irresponsible. However, it’s perfectly plausible that Koepp was one of the causes.

Rumor Status: Undetermined

Indy 4 to begin production in a year and a half? (February 11th, 2005)

During an interview on the set of “War of the Worlds” Spielberg said the following:

"You know, we go through the whole development process all the time in making movies, and sometimes you really are intent on making a picture, you know, like I was with Indy 4, in which case my producer didn't like the script as much as I did, but in the sense of, you know, my intention was to make Indy 4 ago and it didn't work out. I'm hoping to make it a year and a half from now, maybe less. But the idea is, you gotta have the screenplay, and David Koepp, had he not delivered on paper, we would still be in development on War of the Worlds."

Of course, it has not yet been a year and a half…so there isn’t a way to confirm or deny this rumor. We simply have to watch and wait.

Rumor Status: We'll just have to wait and see...

Natalie Portman in Indy 4? (November 30th, 2004) reported that Natalie Portman had asked George Lucas about a part in an Indy sequel... now some say she got what she asked for. Some say she will play Indy’s daughter but most Indy offspring rumors are usually debunked quickly, but we’ve heard nothing on this. So until further notice this is still a viable rumor... but one that doesn’t have any probability.

Rumor Status: Debunked

David Boreanaz Up for Indy 4? (October 18th, 2004)

David Boreanaz, the actor from the TV series Angel, was rumored to be involved with Indy 4. TV Guide speculated this after he said, of his next project; “four” will be the “magic number”. So this was just a guess by TV Guide.

Of course on the 19th, the rumor was officially closed, stating that the mystery project was most likely Crow 4. That’s the end of that.

Rumor Status: Debunked

More on Location Scouting (October 17th, 2004)

An article was posted on Tirol Online where they talked about the work of Leo Baumgartner, a location scout who's next project was supposedly Indiana Jones 4. Apparently, Baumgartner's job was to build a bridge in Rofangebiet, Austria, which was to be used in Indy 4. Indiana posted a translation to the article:

"If you believe it or not, we were closer to Indy 4 than we thought. Behind the scenes everybody worked hard on the next adventure. Locations were scouted and exterior sets should be built. An article on proved this:

The article is about Leo Baumgartner. He is a safety guard and location scout. Recently he worked for King Arthur and Bridgit Jones 2. His next project should be Indiana Jones 4. His task was it to build a bridge in Austria (Rofangebiet). But we all know that George Lucas refused the final version of the script. So they stopped the pre-production."

This is still a rumor... yet it’s logical that the pre production would be halted after Lucas decided to rewrite the script.

Rumor Status: Open

Ford Ordered Not to Exercise for Indy 4? (October 6th, 2004)

According to a report posted on Female First, Harrison Ford has been given strict instructions not to go crazy exercising for Indiana Jones 4. It seems that Steven Spielberg doesn’t want Harrison Ford to look too buff for Indy 4 to coincide with Indy's natural aging. Here's a quote from a "movie insider" posted by Female First:

"Steven doesn't want a middle-aged guy trying to look young - he wants to bring a new type of hero to the screen. He's going to be older and wiser and a lot less physical than Indy of old."

This makes perfect sense due to the time period of the film and the older character. Besides, Ford gets his workouts by playing tennis or so I’ve been told.

Rumor Status: Open

Sean Connery Calling it Quits? (September 29th, 2004)

In a recent Variety article, Sean cannery is considering retiring after a bad experience with the director of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. One could only assume this would nix his supposed Indy 4 appearance. If it’s true the fan base will be very disappointed, as expected.

On October 8th, the story was updated when a Scottish TV show reported that the Indy 4 writers have reportedly begun to “write” Connery out of the part he originally was slated to play. We’re not sure if this is true... but it doesn’t look good.

Rumor Status: Hanging By a Thread

Darabont Strikes Again (August 3rd, 2004)

A site called NOTICINE reported that Frank Darabont might be doing his own rewrites. Here’s a section of that story:

"According to IMDB, Darabont, with an ample experience that includes the librettos of ‘Life imprisonment’, ‘Frankenstein, of Mary Shelley’, his own accomplishment ‘The Green Mile’ and ‘Mission: Impossible 3’, has received the order to return to his computer to rewrite the script."

Now the rumor is unlikely not only because of the source but because of the major amount of time Lucas claimed to be doing rewrites. But it’s still a rumor as no one else has mentioned it yet.

Rumor Status: Debunked

New Indiana Jones Video Game? (August 3rd, 2004)

Jim Ward, president of LucasArts, was recently interviewed by In that interview he talked about a game being developed for the new Star wars film. But he also said something about a new Indiana Jones game based on the 4th installment. Here’s what he said:

"In addition, LucasArts are also planning a new Indiana Jones game based on the fourth movie in the series, although this isn't likely to be released until 2006."

So it seems this is just a rumor, but a very likely one and a very exciting one. Hopefully we’ll get some confirmation soon.

Rumor Status: Partially Confirmed

George Lucas the Cause for Indy IV Delays (May 24th, 2004)

An article in Esquire Magazine was published about the Indy 4 delays. This article, by Kim Masters seemed to point the finger at George Lucas. "The problem, by all accounts, was Lucas. He didn't like the script—which Paramount executives never got to see. Darabont, apparently, was stunned. At a film festival earlier this year, he went so far as to finger Lucas as the culprit, explaining that Spielberg had deferred to his partner out of respect for their ‘long and close friendship.’”

Lucas is known for protecting his visions and some have gone so far to say that he likes to control them. But keep in mind that it was Lucas who brought back the idea of the Holy Grail in The Last Crusade. Hopefully, everything will turn out all right.

Rumor Status: Open

Spielberg scouting in Malta? (April 15th, 2004)

The Malta Times has reported that Steven Spielberg has been doing some reported scouting in Malta. The short article said, "Hollywood's Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg was spotted in Malta yesterday with sources saying he was looking at the island's potential as a filming location.

Mr. Spielberg, on a whirlwind visit to the island, is without any doubt one of the most influential personalities in the history of film, and one of the wealthiest film-makers in the world."

Spielberg’s visit could be a gigantic leap for Indy 4. However there is a possibility he was scouting for one of the many other projects he’s currently working on. We’ll have to wait and find out.

Rumor Status: Open

Stuart Beattie to Rewrite Indy 4? (March 28th, 2004)

Fan sites were abuzz on March 28th when broke the news that Stuart Beattie would be rewriting Indiana Jones 4. Beattie was said to have been hired by Lucasfilm for his writing of Pirates of the Caribbean. No one really knew what to think.

Until March 30th that is. Two days after the story hit the net, Lucasfilm released a statement through The Indy stating that the rumor was false. That said, this rumor can be filed as a case closed.

Rumor Status: Case Closed

John Rhys-Davies to Appear in Indy 4? (March 8th, 2004)

John Rhys-Davies who played Sallah in the original trilogy was being interviewed about his work on Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when a caller asked a question about him being in Indy 4. Davies replied by saying that Spielberg or Lucas hasn’t contacted him yet.

Davies has said before that he’d be glad to reprise his role as the memorable character. In the above interview he said, "I tell you this, when the next REAL film comes out, it will be incredible." Seems John’s looking forward to it, but he’s said in recent interviews he’s yet to be contacted. We’ll just have to wait and see


Rumor Status: Open

Kevin Smith Rewriting Indy 4? (February 11th, 2004)

When Kevin Smith made the statement that he would soon be revealing a bit surprise, rumors immediately surfaced that he would be rewriting Indiana Jones 4. But there have been many rumored writers supposedly “hired” to take on the task of rewriting the Indy IV script.

However, on February 19th, we learned that Smith’s “surprise” was that he had been hired to direct The Green Hornet. Thus we see yet another rumor shot down.

Rumor Status: False

Indy 4 to Film in Hawaii? (December 8th, 2003)

While visiting Kauai a tourist on a Hawaiian Movie Tour heard the guide say that Indy 4 will be shooting there around the same time Jurassic Park 4 is to begin filming. The tour guide stated, "’Jurassic Park 4’ is shooting here next summer, at the same time as ‘Indiana Jones 4’. Indy 4 is scheduled to shoot for 8 weeks, but the time for JP4 hasn't been specified yet."

This is interesting news for sure. At the time this remains an open rumor, as no official confirmation or debunking has been made. Since this rumor broke, there have been no further reports of location scouting or filming in Hawaii.

Rumor Status: Open

TIE.c’s Indy 4 Updates (November 25th, 2003)

In November TIE had received various reports from a good source about Indy 4’s status. Here’s what was said.

  1. Pre production had begun
  2. Concept art as well as storyboards were started
  3. Vic Armstrong was contacted
  4. Harrison Ford will begin training in 2004
  5. Ford has been anxious to begin work on the film
  6. Filming will begin sometime in 2004
  7. The release date is May - December 2005

Unfortunately, this rumor has basically been debunked as well. Not officially however, but the probability is unlikely nonetheless. Lucas is still working on the script rewrites, which won’t be finished until after Episode 3 wraps. That’s the end of that until further notice.

Rumor Status: Debunked

More Indy 4 Release Dates (November 15th, 2003)

According to IMDB, there is new information out about the Indiana Jones IV release date that is interesting. According to their Indy IV page, the release date for Indy IV in the US, France and Germany:

  • USA - July 1st 2005
  • Germany - July 7th 2005
  • France - July 20th 2005

IMDB reports have often been full of holes and sometimes they’re just rumors. This time they were probably right but currently this rumor is false. The earliest timeframe we can place Indy 4 is sometime in 2006.

Rumor Status: False

Spielberg Working on Indy 4 in New Zealand? (October 30th, 2003)

Spielberg was spotted in New Zealand. Here’s what was said:

“Rumors are flying over whether the director is hiding out in a new multi-million dollar property on Acacia Rd by Lake Okareka. The private Otago schist stone mansion, owned by the owners of the Rotorua Lakeside Novotel, can be rented out for about $6500 a night, says a local...

...There may be a potential for Rotorua's scenery to feature in one of Spielberg's next hits.”

This remains an open rumor as the Indy script could quite possibly have some shots in New Zealand. Hard to tell for sure.

Rumor Status: Open

Callista Flockhart Will Appear in Indy 4? (October 14th, 2003)

I Africa had a short article about Callista Flockhart in Indy 4 a while back. Apparently, then boyfriend, Harrison Ford wanted his real life partner to make a cameo in the fourth film. The article stated as follows:

“Perhaps a little less popular is Calista Flockhart — with director George Lucas at least. Harrison Ford was super-keen to get Calista into the forthcoming ‘Indiana Jones 4’, but George wasn’t too sold on the idea of putting the diminutive star in his flick. Undeterred, Harrison wrote Flockhart’s part in the movie himself. Now that’s true love! Let’s just hope Calista’s cameo doesn’t end up on the cutting room floor.”

This rumor hasn’t been confirmed yet. Plus, take into account that so far Real Life couples haven’t done so well on screen (Shanghai Surprise and Gigli received horrible reviews).

Rumor Status: Debunked

Spielberg Not Set to Direct? (July 2nd, 2003)

Coming Sean Connery as saying that, "All I know is that somebody called the office and said that Steven was not doing the movie. That Harrison had in fact verbally agreed to do another one. And would I be interested? But of course I would, I had a very good experience with it. Disappointed to hear that Steven wouldn't be doing it. But in the end it always gets down to how good the book is, the script is, and if it's really workable."

It appears Connery was misinformed and Spielberg will indeed direct Indiana Jones 4. It was later confirmed that Connery misspoke.

Rumor Status: Debunked

Indy 4 Production Date? (July 5th, 2003)

We received a tip from an anonymous source in July of 2003 saying that Indiana Jones 4 was to begin filming sometime in August of that year. Here’s the story as it originally appeared on TIE.c:

“With the onset of the completion of the Indiana Jones 4 script, rumors have been buzzing. We've received from an anonyms contributor with sources says that Indy IV will begin production this August. Please note this is a RUMOR, but my source assures me of its authenticity and says to expect an official announcement in August. Until the announcement is made, this will remain a rumor, and nothing more. Stay tuned!”

August came and went, and no mention of a production date or filming date was said. Since then the release date for Indy 4 has been pushed back to 2006 making this rumor false.

Rumor Status: False

Indy 4 Location Revealed? (February 28th, 2003)

In an interview conducted in 2003, John Rhys-Davies let a little bit too much slip out about Indy 4. He was asked if he was going to appear in Indiana Jones 4 and here’s what he had to say: "I'd love to do it but if it's set in China then there may be no place for me,"

This contradicts other reports that filming would primarily be in the US (the American Southwest). Is it possible John was just saying that, if the film took place out of Egypt his character wouldn’t belong? Only the Big Three know for sure.

Rumor Status: Open

Indy Girls Rise Again? (February 15th, 2003)

In an article in Cinescape Magazine, Spielberg hinted that Karen Allen and Kate Capshaw will make cameo appearances in Indiana Jones 4 as well as Sean Connery, who will be in the beginning film and later on at the end.

Entertainment Tonight also commented on the return of the Indy girls stating that it might be the best scene in the whole film. Again, this has been hinted but neither Allen nor Capshaw as of yet.

Rumor Status: Open

Indy IV to Film in Morocco? (February 3rd, 2003)

TIE.c reported this rumor, which came in from Variety on February 3rd, 2003:

“According to Variety, Hollywood studios have committed more than $1 billion to tent poles scheduled to shoot in Morocco in the next two years. But the drums of war reverberating from Washington to Baghdad are giving Hollywood an epic headache. Not since the 1950s, says the trade, have so many producers descended on the desert to build casbahs and coliseums, marshal herds of camels and elephants, and costume thousands of extras in scabbards and loincloths.

The caravan of projects being mulled for Moroccan lensing includes Troy from Warner Bros.; Tripoli from Fox; Alexander the Great and Gladiator 2 from DreamWorks and Universal; another Alexander the Great from Intermedia and Warner Bros.; as well as Star Wars: Episode III and Indiana Jones 4.”

This seems to indicate the total confusion as to where the movie will be filmed. From China to Morocco, rumors are flying all over the place. No real promise in any of them, pure speculation, but neither location has been confirmed nor denied so the rumor remains open.

Rumor Status: Open

Possible Indy 4 Concept Art? (October 26th, 2002)

In October of 2002, TIE.c received a tip from the webmaster at that had posted two sketches that were alleged Indiana Jones 4 concept art. While the sketches were never confirmed as being official, they were never debunked either. It’s tough to say whether or not these are the real deal, but you have to admit, they are pretty cool.

Indeed, there's the man with the hat himself. But is this actual Indy 4 concept art? Hard to tell for now. We'll just have to wait and see.

Rumor Status: Open

Indy 4 to Be Filmed in Digital? (October 16th, 2002)

Rumor has it George Lucas, who filmed Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones in a digital format wants Indiana Jones 4 to be shot digitally too. Spielberg, who has his own unique vision, preferred 35mm. The two have reportedly argued over this matter on a number of occasions.

Spielberg has been quoted as saying that he’d do digital if George wanted him to, but the technology isn’t in enough theatres to make it plausible. Digital may work for a futuristic epic like a Star Wars, but Indy needs a raw, classic look. Indy movies are rough around the edges and digital is too clean cut. Here’s hoping for the best.

Rumor Status: Open

Indy’s a Father?! (July 20th, 2002)

As you have probably heard, rumors have been batted back and forth that Indy would have a son in the 4th installment. The rumor that coincided with this story was that Indy might pass the torch (or hat) to his son before dying. Many thought this would be a terrible ending. Most fans agree that Indiana Jones 4 should have a happier, Raiders-esque ending, leaving the series open for further installments.

Naturally fans rejoiced when Ford said there were no plans to do anything of the sort. He said there will only be one son and he’ll “...always be Sean Connery's little boy...” So it appears the rumor is indeed false and it’s good to know that Harrison still has his wit.

Rumor Status: Debunked

Will Tom Hanks’ Son Be Cast in Indy IV? (June 24th, 2002)

Ain’t It Cool News had reported that Colin Hanks would appear in Indy 4. Yes, Tom Hanks’ son. The original source stated that Colin could be in for the role of Indy’s son. However, the rumor about Indy’s son has since been debunked.

The appearance of Colin Hanks is unlikely, especially since the roll of Indy Jr. is gone. The rumor is open, but the probability is very low that he will play Indy’s son. Then again Lucas has been quoted as saying: “Indiana Jones? Spielberg directs, and Indiana gets a son. Yes, I know who. But I won't tell you yet.”

Rumor Status: Open

Ford Preparing to Film Indy IV? (May 23rd, 2002)

The Biography Channel aired a biography of Harrison Ford. The show was hosted by Samuel L. Jackson and at the end of the program; Jackson noted Ford’s next project would be Indiana Jones 4.

Later, Lucas went on for an interview and set the record straight. He said Jackson was misinformed and Ford is not preparing to shoot Indy 4 next. Several rumors of this nature have come and gone. Nevertheless, let’s hope that Ford will be ready in plenty of time to reprise his role, and don the fedora one last time.

Rumor Status: Debunked

Indy 4 Location Scouting Has Begun? (May 15th, 2002)

Back in May of 2002, Dark Horizons received a rumor that location scouting for Indiana Jones 4 was being conducted in Sedona, Arizona. Apparently the scooper was hiking when he came across six people with cameras and note pads. When he asked what they were doing they said they were looking for locations for Indy 4.

Arizona has been one of the suspected settings for a while now. Everything about this story seems logical, but they wouldn’t send location scouts out at such an early stage when Lucas hadn’t even finished his rewrites... would they?

Rumor Status: Open