Indiana Jones 4 Speculation

The Indiana Jones 4 speculation page is a collective effort of the entire TIE.c staff. We have gathered together to create a list of plausible ideas for Indiana Jones 4 to present as speculation. While none of this is neither fact nor official information, it is based on information as well as rumors that we have gathered over the years.

General Speculation

Chase sequence

Following the pattern of the previous films, logic suggests there will be an exciting chase sequence or two. The chases that have already been done involve boats, cars, a foot chase, and mine carts. Fans have speculated the next big chase would look good on dog sleds (unlikely) or another foot chase through the woods or something like that. A couple fans also like the idea of a chase through Indy’s college.

Gross Out sequence

Every Indy film has had a sequence specifically designed to make viewers squirm. Snakes, bugs, and rats have been used. The fans would like snakes again due to the fact that they’re Indy’s only real fear. However, if they don’t go in that direction the ideas of crabs even something like sharks (while others cracked jokes about politicians).

Indy Girl

Again, a trend in every film is a leading lady. Marion, Willie, and Elsa - all have their own followings. Fans are hoping for a redheaded Indy girl for the next installment (much like Sophia Hapgood from the Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis video game from the early 90’s). Ideas have ranged from Julianne Moore (Hannibal) to Gillian Anderson (mostly known as Agent Scully from The X-files). All the Indy girls have had somewhat stubborn personalities. They also were all beautiful, young, and basically unknown actresses. A certain young lady that fits that description is Katheryn Winnick, an up and coming young actress. She’s beautiful and she can help Indy kick some butt with her 3rd degree black belt. She certainly has the makings of a tough Indy girl.

Indy 4 Villains

In the first and last films, the Nazis have been the bad guys. In “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” we see Indy take on the Thugee cult. However, since the next film is set in the 1950’s, it is hard to find a villain. Gangsters like Al Capone have been suggested, but the time period doesn’t fit perfectly. One of the most interesting ideas is Indy against his own country. This scenario involves Indy being asked to find something he doesn’t want to or he learns the US will use the artifact for evil and tries to stop them.

Indy’s Sidekick

Sallah, Marcus Brody, and Short Round have all appeared as Indy’s sidekicks through the course of these films. However, John Rhys Davies, who plays Sallah has said there may not be a place for him. While Short Round has grown up, given the time of the next film (the 1950s) he could return in Indy IV, but nothing has been said yet. Sadly, actor Denholm Elliot, who played Marcus Brody has passed away but, suggestions have included having Marcus’ son take over for him or having another actor return to play Short Round. As for Sallah, it is speculated he may be written in to the script.


Two of the three artifacts already featured in the Indiana Jones films are biblical. The exceptions are the fictitious Shankara stones in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Some have suggested the new artifact should be from the Koran. However, since it’s pointed out that Indy has been raised under somewhat of a Christian philosophy that is not likely. The most popular rumor involves the lost city (or continent if you prefer) of Atlantis. Other speculated artifacts have included the biblical Staff of Mosses. Spielberg and Lucas will probably not return to the dark format of Temple of Doom, due to its unpopularity with audiences. We’re looking at a biblical artifact most likely but I’m sure there will be some mysticism weaved into the story as with all the Indiana Jones films.

Indy’s Demise?

Indy 4 is said to be the last Indy film made, so the question arises: will our hero perish? If he does will he do it with pride? The initial thought is that Lucas and Spielberg love the character too much to do that. But if J.K. Rowling is planning on Killing off Harry Potter then I suppose anything can happen. Some fans would like to see Indy pass and leave a son to carry on his legacy, but this will not happen. On top of the fact there isn’t much reason or probability of a death is the fact that Indy’s hard to kill. He’s survived a lot in his time. I’m hoping he lives on, but that’s just me. We’ll have to wait and see


Indiana Jones IV & V: Back to Back?

One wonders if it is still possible to make Indy V if they get on the script soon enough. It’s already taking a while to finish the Indy IV script, but what if during the production of the 4th film they worked on a script for the fifth. As an example, the original Last Crusade plot, which involved a haunted castle and ghosts of children. That idea was thrown out because it reminded them of The Temple of Doom. But what if THAT was Indy 4 and the film being written now was turned into Indy 5? They could be filmed back to back and released in one-year increments, like the Lord of the Rings trilogy or The Matrix films. It’d certainly be interesting to see, though there have been no rumors or past theories to support this, so it remains pure speculation.

Plot Speculation

American Southwest

Recently a report came in that a man hiking in Arizona came across men with cameras and notepads. When he bumped intro them he asked them what they were doing there and they said scouting for Indy IV. Could this have been a lie to get attention? Or did this actually happen? Either way it gives more attention to the southwest rumor.


The most popular premise amongst fans currently is that Indy IV will involve the lost city of Atlantis. The city, according to myth was swallowed by the sea and was never seen again, however with recent reports that the actual city’s remains might have been found off the coast of Spain, this rumor seems more plausible then ever before.

Garden of Eden

The idea of Indiana Jones searching for the Garden of Eden is a perplexing one. Fans have thought about it for a long time. Although the probability of the rumor is decreasing, it’s still out there.