Last Crusade Alternate Versions

  • In the theatrical version of Last Crusade, where Donovan is trying to convince the Sultan of Hatay to allow him to move accross his land to recover the Grail, he brings the Sultan a a chest of gold treasures and says, "Precious valuables, Your Highness, "donated" by some of the finest Jewish families in all of Germany." But in the later video, DVD and televisions versions, the word "Jewish" is removed.
  • In the German dubbed version of Last Crusade, Vogel's line, "And this is how we say goodbye in Germany, Doctor Jones." is changed to "And this is how we say goodbye at the SS, Doctor Jones."
  • In the theatrical release of Last Crusade, the name of the airship in which Indy and Henry escape Germany can be seen. Aparently it was the Hendenburg, but the name was later removed in all TV, video and DVD versions.